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In Pair Born : Zhen Ai Zhao Ma Fan

“True Love is something slowly being cultivate through understanding, believe and caring”

Zhen Ai Zhao Ma Fan is one of my favorite drama in this year. It has been sometimes, I love to watched Korean drama and pause up date of Taiwanese drama. I feel either Taiwanese or China drama lack of “something fresh” whether from the story plot and some actors and actress which makes the drama itself BORING.

What makes me love this drama?
It’s so simple because the drama genre is about love, comedy and family. for some people this genre is something common but, I like the story plot even some scene are boring to watch but, I still like Zhen Ai Zhao Ma Fan.

Just check the actors and actresses:

  • Chris Wang (Lucky days with Tammy Chen, The Fierce Wife with Sonia Sui, P.S Man with Blue lan)
  • Annie Chen (Momo love with Jiro wang, Material Queen with Vanness Wu)
  • Xie Kun Da (ex-energy member, absolutely boyfriend with Jiro wang)
  • Luo Bei An (one of senior actor, in time with you with Ariel Lin)
  • Chris Wu (autumn concerto with vanness Wu)

Most the actors and actress are the famous and has played in many drama even the senior actors and actress averagely appear in most of Taiwanese drama such as Luo Bei An, Tan Ai Zhen, Yang Li Ying.

Ke Wei Xiang (Chris Wang) and Song Yi Jie (Annie Chen) are two strangers that marriage because of the family promise when both of them still in their moms womb. At the first meeting, both of Wei Xiang and Yi Jie met in awkward situations, Wei Xiang always thought Yi Jie is mistress of someone and Yi Jie thought Wei Xiang such a playboy due to his family status (wealth and wei xiang is good looking)

When Wei Xiang and Yi Jie Knew that they have been betrothed (due to the promise that made by Wei Xiang grand ma and Yi Jie grand pa), quite shock but later on they agreed to marry because some reasons (moreover both of Wei xiang and Yi jie are single)

Due to the marriage life, Both Wei xiang and Yi jie are knowing each others characters and liking. Love isn’t something that should be find but cultivate, slowly by slowly.

In this drama, it not only plot the marriage life between Wei xiang and Yi jie but, it also plotting about the others family members. Portrays, the happy mariage of Ke Ya Ni (Jennifer hong) with her husband but later on they divorce because of child and third party. The flamboyance Ke Wei Cheng (Xie Kun Da) and many more. Oh, almost forget, those third parties which tried to destroy Ke Wei Xiang And Song Yi Jie marriage.

My Comment:
At the first time, zhen ai zhao ma fan looks like common Taiwanese drama with average weight (for me, it equal to autumn concerto, the fierce wife, summer desire)
I like this drama because it filled with many skill actors and actress
good story plot and it not only tells about wei xiang and song yi jie but, it tells everyone characters and their lives in this drama. quite detail drama.


One thought on “In Pair Born : Zhen Ai Zhao Ma Fan

  1. i love this show. instead of the common 1 main couple show this drama involve other relationship. which is good.

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