My Opinion:我租了一个情人 Love me or Leave me

Hello the beautiful!
Finally I’ve time to make some post in my very busy days (hehehehehehehe) I’m really so sorry for my longgggggg absence.

I’m so busy and death of boring with the stressful environment (it not about much work load but, I almost don’t have anything to do when I was in my office) my new working place is like graveyard, my boss only has four employees included her husband as collector. you might question why I can’t up date my blog since I seem to has lotsssss of spare time. It simple, because my boss doesn’t like to see me work with my laptop (should admitted, I feel like flinstone since I work so manually. no computer, no mobile phone, no internet only accounting books, petty cash and everything just very manually)

I’m busy because I have nine hours to spend in my office which just letting me sitting and waiting for customer or transaction and rest of time, I just feels like sleeping with open eyes (feel little regret to resign from my old place since, at least in old workplace I had many friends to chit chat during lunch time and many works need to finished up)

Well, don’t want to talk about my boring work just move to new drama I’m currently watching which one of things I can do in order has stress-relieve.

Love me or leave 我租了一个情人 is one of Chris Wang newest drama together with Tiffany Hsu. My first drama cast Chris Wang was lucky days with tammy chen, honestly I wasn’t really interested with the drama because it made me nerved with the flash back scene. So I wasn’t to focus with Lucky Days, my only reason to watch the drama only Tammy chen because her previous film, lavender.

So, as time passes, I switch my interest from Taiwanese drama to Korean drama since that time was Hallyu trend. but, I never fully to only watch Korean and stop watching Taiwanese drama. well, the second drama I watched cast Chris Wang was In Born Pair with Annie Chen. first time, I wasn’t sure to watch it but my sis keep insist me to give a try. Hm… I was totally crazy with the couple (Chris and Annie) it was quite long episode but I enjoyed it very much.

I have watched the first episode in sugoideas and I think I gonna love it from the synopsis provided by wiki and some bloggers.

here is the synopsis:
The story of a couple who are staying together and contemplating marriage. The girlfriend however has certain fears towards marriage due to her family background and in an attempt to test the loyalty of her boyfriend, she gets another woman to get close to her boyfriend, which eventually brought changes to their relationship.

From the synopsis, I think Love me or leave gonna give us something new and different from the “usual” TW dramas. Beside the story plot (which I really hope it gonna be something so refreshing), I do find there are some casts which makes the drama itself so colorful (wow, do I so fancy in describing?)

Love me or leave me has:

  • Chris Wang as the male lead (lucky days, in born pair)
  • Tiffany Hsu as the female lead (ISWAK 1&2, autumn concerto, together)
  • Albee Huang (I think she is the one Hey Girl members who still in TW entertainment industry beside gui gui because I don’t see the rest) she catch my attention when she was in love keeps going (Cyndi and Mike)
  • Li Kang Yi (Toast boy kiss 1&2 wth Li Wei, meteor garden 2) her appearance in meteor garden as AMei just remind me her character in toast boy kiss who is so stubborn
  • Alan Kuo (sonic youth wth wilson chen)

I can’t say much about the drama because I just watched the first episode and it just too early to judge on how the drama gonna be. but, I have high expectation for this drama since the it has many stars I might say some of them are ever becoming lead actor/actress in previous drama they played.

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