Drama : 两个爸爸

Liang ge ba ba or two daddies is one of Taiwanese drama currently I watch. this drama surely is rom-com but, more than it, I like the child actress most. story plot start with two boys whom suddenly turn to be daddy because their girlfrend born baby girl and left the poor baby in hospital with letter stated she didn’t know who was the baby father and asked both of the boys (who she was dating) to find out by theirselves. up to here this drama sound so ridiculous (alike one korean drama, one mommy three daddies).

the differences, there no mistaken sperm or what and mommy doesn’t run away. so, the story plot on the 1st ep really quick. the baby girl grow up and become a little girl who is 7 years old and living with two fathers, the lawyer called daddy爹地 and the other father who is florist called as papi 爸比.

the little name 温蒂or wendy. she really adorable and understand-able little girl. she knows she is different compare to her others friends whom has mom while she has two dads. she never try to difficult her dad by keep asking her mom. her dad told her that her mom is the brightest star in the sky and she just accept what her dad said, even she knows dad just 安慰 comfort her. her mom isn’t a star and she clearly knows that but still smile and happy like others “normal child” family.

In this drama, I do recognized Megan Lai who played as fang teacher, wendy teacher in school. what makes this drama woth to watch is, we are informed that family happiness is not about having mom, dad and children as complete family but the important is love, warmth, affection, communication which parent gives to their teacher.wendy character gives us new view about family, if you don’t have complete family doesn’t means you can feel the love of family.mom and dad are two important person in child life but, the pressure point is the availability of mom and dad for their child while child is growing.


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