Trip to Thailand : Bangkok part

Finally, this is my last post about my vacation in Thailand. for last three days I spent crazy shopping time in Bangkok. as your information, now days, Bangkok is one of the most popular place to visit in Thailand for shopholic. you can buy many kind of product with cheap price and OK quality, if you know where to hunt. heheheehhehehe

For my last destination in Thailand, my girls and I choose Bangkok. we stayed 3 days 2 nights at Baiyoke sky hotel located near pratunam market and platinum plaza. My impression about bangkok, especially place we stayed was…. it really messy, crowded, complicated and headache. if you are indonesian, I guess you would understand if I compare bangkok market with traditional market in Indonesia. most of time, I got lost if I went to market with my girls. however, I still followed them because three of them are shopholic and being crazy everytime they stopped in shop or counter.

having about 10,000 bath wouldn’t enough for my sis or I would say, whatever the amount of money shopholic will never feel enough, I think. my sis spent about 18,000 bath for shopping when we were in Bangkok. most of time, we were in plaza, market and any place that selling stuffs. my plan to visit temple be postponed because my monthly good friend came (×.×)”

shopping in Bangkok sometimes tricky. especially the seller. To be honest, I really really really dilike dislike dislike the seller. most of the seller are cooky and arrogant. my philosophy, when we are in market dealing price in something custom/general. as customer or buyer, we are wishing to get cheaper price for better product quality. further more, I am someone who sell back items so, I need to buy in good price so, I could sell in good price too for my customers.

another thing that pissed me off was the taxi driver in baiyoke hotel. if I wasn’t busy that day to catch up my flight, I swore not to used their service. The taxi driver didn’t want to use meter, they randomly charge the price. I remembered from machi or mochi station to platinum plaza cost me about 140bath because traffic (I found good taxi meter who was willing to use meter). on my way, I was passing don mueng airport so my estimation, from baiyoke to airport should cost me something like that. the truth, baiyoke taxi driver made me spent 400bath in our negotiation or else they won’t do my business. it happened the last day in bangkok where I was hurried to catch up my flight.

I like my staying in baiyoke even they didn’t give me breakfast because I book cheap room (the true the room not cheap if I convert to my currency, about IDR 700,000/night which equal staying in JW Marriot in my country). the only disastified with the hotel is the location which really messy and ache my eyes plus far from don mueng airport. the huge disappointment was taxi service near hotel. I understand this kind of thing can’t blame hotel but I really hope if baiyoke could provide good accomodation or at least make the taxi driver using meters. I really wish if baiyoke have their own taxi company which operate in front their hotel would be so good so the others kind of taxi driver would rethink in pricing their service since there is competitiors.

again, taxi in Thailand is so confusing and headache because the taxi have many colors with means vary pricing in each meter. I never care so much about taxi but if I count, take wrong taxi might cost you more in price. differ 2-4bath each km might cost so expensive for one trip.

in my country taxi color only in 3, white, yellow and blue. the popular and reliable is blue taxi (bluebird), somehow still need to be careful because sometimes they won’t turn the meters so if this happen, just called the company CS make complain and you will be compensate and the driver will get warn.

so, Bangkok really not my place. I hate the crowded and the environment. but some of the Thainese were nice even some were worst, yeah it people leeeee.

My advice if you visit Thailand, especially bangkok and pattaya. don’t trust the people and be careful both of the place are full with Criminalism. I not trying to hypernate nonsense or my disappointed being rob but I witned some of foreign tourist ( the blonde, american, european, russian) most of them were the victim of robbery. I saw one foreign man non asian who looked frustation because being rob somewhere in Pattaya. I knew he was victim because when the police typing the report asking what he had lost. he mentioned money, mobile phone, bag, blabla. that time we were queuing. then, when we leaving the police station, saw another foreigner who also victim but that man seems had fought. I saw bruise in his eyes area. but that how I guessed.

sea food near street heading to anorma hotel is recommended. I tried the tom yam, it was so refreshing and taste great. the curry also daebak. because of the seafood I skip vege time 😦













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