Lan Ling Wang 兰陵王

Finally, Lan Ling Wang is airing. I happy to watch it because ariel lin (she is just like average girl for look but she really has charisma where not all girl has).

So far, I am watching till 9 episodes. for me the plot quite fast or because I had seen the long trailer a year ago. The most funny part beside discuss about the story plot and cast, I read in some forum and blog they talked about how Feng Shao Feng not fit as Lan Lin Wang character. I wonder, did feng shao feng act poorly or what, ridiculous they said feng shao feng not enough beauty / good looking to potray lan ling wang character.


China history recorded that lan ling wang was someone who has the most beautiful look so he needed to wear mask everytime he went to battle field to scare the enemies. as for my opinion, I am fine with feng shao feng as lan ling wang since I don’t even know how the real lan ling wang looks.

I enjoy lan ling wang more than patriot yue fei because there is not much fight/battle compare to yue fei which every episode I saw huang xiao ming got to take army to battle field. blood… too much blood in yue fei since they always get fight.

happy to know that I can hear the actors and actress real voice (no dubbing or they dub their own voice). I always smile when I hear ariel voice since she talks with taiwanese-mandarin and of course george hu which I believe, he sound like me when speaks chinese. hearing ariel and george hu voice, I don’t feel like it is China production period drama because most of time, their voice dubbed.

I like feng shao feng when he plays as lan ling wang compare when he being 8th prince. feng shao feng has played in many dramas, movie and wu xia but I never know him after I watched gong (place), schemes of beauty, sympony of fate ( the only modern drama of feng shao feng I watched). to be honest, my interesting to lan ling wang because ariel lin for the first place ^____________^


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