Princess’s of Lan Ling Wang Chapter 1 part 1

finally I managed to continue my translation project of Lan Ling Wang Fei. as I mentioned before, every chapter will be divided into parts. in this part one, we will get to know about the female lead who lives in modern life.

about how her life as the heir of her family. her name is Duan Mu Lan, come from the scholar family.

so, just let begin the part 1.
before it, I want to state that this translation is credited to myself. I did it all by myself through some help from others. the translation is far from perfect but it is the best I could provide and share.

PLEASE DO NOT COPY-PASTE my hardwork, if you want to please ask for the permission from me. appreciate my hard work and no plagiarism. 
one who ever did kind of this project will know to appreciate others work so don’t be plagiarist.


Chapter 1 As If The Beginning of Life
part 1

Deep into night lie down and hear wind blowing with rain, the armored horses and the ice river came into dream

*Lu You poem, rainstrom on Nov 4 (十一月四日风雨大作)

“Xiao lian, what is the meaning of this poem? and who was an author?”. Someone who was simple, honest, kind, heartly and has old voice familiar to ears. when my hands feel relax, my chin almost hit to the table in front of me was a very thick book that used to hide my face from the old ancient verse, I raised my head dazed in front, there was an old man who looked dual and shining. My sight was blur but slowly getting better and clearer. in middle of chaos, it seems there was something (weapon) hit at my back. “For ten years to living and death, but my kind does not consider it, it hard to forget.”*

*Jiang cheng zi, the river town

“bamb”, it was a sound of book that falling down to table surface.  I could not help but I got idea, quickly I open my eyes wider so I could see the person in front me clearly. at the moment, I stare blankly and shocked.

” Grandpa, how could you be here?”

” as I remembered, it clearly I put that’s literature and ancient Chinese prose which given by teacher when in the class…. when I gained my consciousness, quickly I sat straight.

“I asked you about Lu You poem, but you memorized Jiang Cheng zi. Xiao lian, this book you should not read wrong.” My grand pa was sighed, he did sad expression then changed to be as soft as silk loving expression.

When I saw grand pa seem not to be angry anymore, silently I sighed and with proud, I said “Grandpa, you are the truly this nation’s curator, while I only the granddaughter’s of the nation’s great curator, so I don’t really need to learn that much…” finally I managed to shout out all my stresses.

Hot summer day which makes me sleepy, while all my classmates are doing fun at their home, I do need to be here to study many things from the verse-poem, tea ceremony, playing zither and others such stuffs.

This is the worst Summer I ever have, the weather damn hot and boring, golden sun light from outside get through the room from window. Inside the old and antique study room, my grand pa expression suddenly changed into heavy and darken, looking at me with serious eyes sight, said “this is our family mission as the Duan Mu. You should accept it.”

“Xiao Ling understand.” I replied him as my head lower, my mouth curve up, giving my grandpa the satisfaction answer.

This man is my grandpa, Duan Mu Kui. He is the head of Duan Mu family who also the head of nation’s curator, very famous and well-known professor in university. Since I was very young, my grand pa raised me by himself as the next heir of the Duan Mu. Even though, as heir of Duan Mu family, I couldn’t do whatever I pleased alike my parent who fortune to traveling around the world without any worries, having fun, lazy-go happy.

From the very beginning they tried to escape from family’s responsibility, by traveling around the world, living and pursuing fairytale life. If not because my irresponsibility parent, my grand pa would not be very strict to me.

However, even they are kind of such parent, both of them still my Dad and Mom. Actually, I do really their child because sometimes I also be so lazy. Usually I managed to cheat in order to pass just to meet my grand pa expectation. And now, those responsibilities in my shoulder change to be so burdensome for me… if only because I am of the Duan Mu’s. if the outsider look from their glass, we are not only simply famous scholar family but other than it, we have others status— the protector of “Qing Luan Jing” the phoenix mirror.

Talking about this phoenix mirror which maintain legendary godly power, my head feels so heavy and hurt just only to re-tell the story. Three days three nights won’t ever be enough to finish it. That time, when my grand pa told me about the story, it took so much time, unfortunately I do remember very small part of the story.

Phoenix Mirror, the Qing Luan Jing is an old, magical thing, as it been told, the Nu Wa goddness was mending the sky and leaving something so small alike stone. It was fallen into Jasper Lake (Yao Chi) for thousand years ago and for long long time it changed into mirror which having magical power.

As the story said, the Yellow Emperor once using it in order to defeat Chi You (demon of Li tribe of Ju Li) and as did to defeat King Wu of Zhou. Not only that, as it mentioned, from the past until this modern days, it said we could go through time and dimension for past and future by teleported, knowing about the future, suck the life essences, omnipotent, it also has a function as key to open the treasure which left by the Yellow Emperor. As the additional of the ancient story, “when the phoenix mirror appear, the world being nomarlized”.

It also be predicted that the phoenix mirror is very powerful magical object which being seizure by others in every dynasty. And as our responsibility of Duan Mu family to protect the phoenix mirror. We couldn’t let the mirror to be fallen into wrong hands. If it happen into the wrong hands, the effect would be very fatal and bad for the nation foundation, furthermore it could cause notorious disaster for human well being because the unknowing of the powerful magical Qing Luan Jing, phoenix mirror.

As the grand daughter and heir of Duan Mu family, I grow until today, not even once I ever to see that famous Qing Luan Jing phoenix mirror by my own eyes. Sometimes I doubt and suspicious of the phoenix mirror available, is it true or not? Or do we, the Duan Mu family are only protecting some story-belief?… looking at distance to the above of table which so many files recorded various categories books, I sighed. I don’t have time to think about whether it is true or not, feeling very boring, I drown my head to the bunch of books. — grand pa is the one who I respect the most, even I pretending but still I want to make him happy.

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