C-drama : 生活启示 Ended Yesterday

生活启示 or Life Inspiration staring the “Ancient Prince” Hu Ge (胡歌) and 闫妮 (Yan Ni). I don’t used to watch Hu Ge in modern drama since I know him for those ancient character with kung fu movement.

Life inspiration isn’t his first modern drama but this might one of the best compare to the previous modern drama he ever acted.

闫妮 Yan ni, this actress should be well-known but I don’t know who is she. She played in many dramas, movies and short-drama/movie.

Yan ni played as Yu Xiao Qiang is a full time house-wife of businessman who has married for seven years and still don’t have any child in their marriage.

Yu Xiao Qiang as her name, Little strong is hard-rock- headed lady but very filial to her mother in law played by grandma Fang.

While Hu Ge played as Hao Jia Ming, a technician for repairing computer of one company in Shanghai.

Story goes…
One day Yu Xiao Qiang laptop being fixed and repaired by Jia Ming (home call technician) who later on found out the “cheating” photos of Yu Xiao Qiang’s husband.

After Xiao Qiang found out her husband disloyal to their marriage, she decided to hire spy but ended by make Jia Ming as spy for her. she rented Jia Ming apartment one room which reason to put stuffs but the truth that room for spying her husband.

she intentionally because she knows that Xiao San neighbor with Jia Ming without Jia Ming realized being used. until one night, Jia Ming saw Xiao Qiang husband came to Lan Xin’s house (xiao san). He, with his good intentional, called Xiao Qiang about what his has seen.

later on…
Xiao Qiang divorced her husband and moved to Jia Ming apartment to be maid. that time, Jia Ming already has girlfriend, duo duo who works as stewardess.

This drama plot seems to be complicated but not really complicated too. for me, there are scene that really picturing about human life.

hugeMy opinion
I like the story plot about seven years marriage with based on love but suddenly that “fire” of love dim and marriage just become “compulsory” and “used to”.
It not bad with Xiao qiang decision to divorce with her husband since their marriage is ruin by third parties and everything they do is 理所當然. their marriage isn’t healthy after seven years and the worst it about child.
Hu Ge played well as young hubby who married divorced woman with baby. he acted as big child to Xiao Qiang but he also be father model for her son.

I like when Xiao Qiang decided to marry Jia Ming who younger six years. Hu Ge and Yan Ni had good chemistry and seems to be natural as hubby-wife which has 6 years gap. The conflict in the drama kind of realistic and not too over for me. so I rate it 4 from 5.

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