ShowBiz: Dating and Apology

When I decided to write about this post, I was feeling pity with TaeYeon Girls generation and Baekhyun EXO news.

News about SM entertainment talents dating isn’t new things. in this year, Yoona Girls generation dating with A list Korean actor, Lee Seung Gi then Tiffany girls generation with Nickhun 2PM, SooYoung girls generation with Actor Jung Kyung Ho, etc.

I just don’t understand about the fans reaction when both Taeyon and Baekhyun admitted they are dating each other. Even, I read in an article Baekhyun was being yelled as “traitor”.

Both fans from Taeyon and Baekhyun are angry of their idol after confirming they are dating. even, Taeyon and Baekhyun should give an apology to their fans.

Let me give  my opinion as fan
according to me, nothing wrong with idol dating each other or they date common individual who is not come from showbiz. there also no necessary in apologized because it is personal matter of the idol.

My reason
Idol or public figure is also human like me and you. the differences, they are people who working in showbiz, get fame by public recognition through their skill and work such as singing, acting, art and etc.

according to wikipedia definition about fan, sometimes called as aficionado or supporter is a person who is enthusiastically devoted to something. fans of particular thing or person constitute its fansbase or fandom. showing their enthusiasm by being member of fan club.

A true fan should support positive trait of their idol not to bash or response violently. Things might be different when someone we admire doing bad things or get involved in negative scandals such as raping, plagiarism or being violent to the fans.

Idols are not property that own by their fans but they are more to subject which fans adore, like, interest of. I also can’t blame possessiveness of fans because for some fans, idols might be their life, figure that encourage them to live, etc. but as fans, I just want to advise, when you like someone, adore he/she, the important thing is you want your idol be happy and produce good thing such as nice piece of music, good drama/movie acting, etc.

For me, if my idol dating someone, I will support them and when they are facing problem, fans should be there to comfort them, shouldn’t we?


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