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Manga : 狼陛下の花嫁 was recommended this manga by my friend who is manga lover to wanna be Otaku. My friend is someone prefer to stay at home reading manga all day rather hang out like normal people do in their weekend. so, I was so boring and she just recommended me to read 狼陛下の花嫁.

Yuu rin, the daughter of a low ranking government officer, came to the royal palace after hearing of a job with higher wages. However, that job is to act as the bride of Haku Reishou, who is feared as being the ruthless and heartless “His Majesty, the Wolf”. In the royal palace where conspiracies swirl, after learning His Majesty’s secret, Yuu rin ends up stuck being his temporary bride.

In my opinion, the Japanese is very creative for doing the manga especially they have lots of topic, theme and wonderful drawing skill which I think, no other countries really can match it.

My Review:
As it said, The story begin with Yuu Rin entered the palace as the King Harem. Yuu Rin is being tricked with the job opening in palace which offer high payment. She is hired to be the bride of Haku Rei shou, current king who just ascended the throne and fame as cold, ruthless, heartless and others negative trait. at beginning she refused the job when she realized being tricked by the official who offered the job but later on she agreed after she thought the king is harmless (she doesn’t know that the king has dual personalities).

When she is in inner palace with the king, Rei shou acts such sweet and harmless. he treats Yuu Rin very nice and makes she feel that the heartless and ruthless just an act to make his officials afraid of him. he likes to act lovely-dovely with Yuu Rin which actually he really likes her.

Her days spend with the Excellency make her grows feeling for Rei shou. At first time, she denial the signs but later on she learns that she fall in love with the King but she still ensure herself not to be drown. Her heart betray, it beat faster and faster every time she get close to the King. She even get envious with the beauties who served the King in Royal Villa.

While Rei shou, the wolf king is so sly. He acted innocent in front of Yuu Rin, even when he angry to the official at the court, he still ensure Yuu Rin it only an image and let the official grow fear on him. He just has his own way to make Yuu Rin stay close to him.

My favorite part is Yuu Rin being bullied by the lady-maid in royal villa and how the King solve the problem by threatening the ladies-maid and the official.
the other part is when Yuu Rin went home to meet her family and The King followed her. Childhood friend of Yuu Rin who sees Rei Shou as enemy or look alike love rival.

This manga still on going, so far the story read-able. The drawing just average but I like the story plot.



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