My Body Care Collection

Today I will share my body care collection which makes me become “Junkies”. I like body lotion, I like body butter, I like body serum but at same time, I become the junkies of all those.

tmp_20140822_164008269402960This is not only the part of my junkies because there still some that I forgot to take the picture. most of them, I had made the review.

I tried many body care product from the baby to the adult. from the drug store brand to the well-known even I tried the cheaper ones. to say, why I used too many “things” even I have good skin for my body?
Very simple, I have combination skin. My body is really fine but from tight to feet, it extremely dry, especially the heels. when it come to summer or raining season, my skin changes from dry to very dry.

Most of them are my fav except the TFS whitening. I don’t really have any complain about the body care product I used except price maybe.

Petit Bijou still the best body lotion I like from Etude House. it has very soft fragrance and easy to absorb to the skin and the important thing, it long-lasting. I still could feel the smell the next morning when I wake up.

The Body Shop is one of the most expensive body care I ever purchased. whether the lotion, body butter even the shower gel, it really expensive. I never really interest with another product of The Body Shop such as cosmetic or skin care. I think the reason why I purchased The Body Shop because the body care line.

tmp_20140822_164056-905834933Baby lotion might be the safeties product I dare to use. I really feel okay with baby product, even sometimes I used the baby shampoo. to be honest, babies product are so expensive but it worth to purchase.

I have my own brand that I like to buy and use for babies product. Johnsons and johnsons is one of the oldest brand that I used, it seem the brand that I used since I baby till today, wkwkwkw. then, Zwitsal. those are drug store product that easy to purchase and the price reasonable.

Well, that’s all my body care product (lotions, body butter, body serum, etc)


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