Workout and Melts the Fat

IMG-20140813-01336Am I telling you that I addicted to work-out and burning fats. ahahahaha.

I have been doing exercise to burn fat but also at the same time, it become my stress-relieve. As human being we cannot be happy all the time, there must be a time when we feeling down but it still depend on how we deal with the negative moods or feeling down.

Old days, I would grab high carb and unhealthy snacks to kill my stress which influence my health. but, today I like to do some simple exercising to reduce my stress and also burning some cal of my body.

I gain “much” weight which actually not really matter me because “those” kilograms came from my stress. I ate too much and seldom move so it become fats.

If I don’t have time going for gym, I would like watching youtube, especially Cassey Ho blogilates. she teaches so many movement in her videos and recently she launched her bodypop.
Beside using treadmill, I like Yoga and Pilates. to say, yoga is one of the best exercise for stress-relieve.

I’m too afraid to show you guys how I gain weight during these past months and slowly by slowly to cut down the cal and melts the fat in healthy way. I just don’t believe an instant way, so just take the longer path.

I was in 90kgs when I made the starting point and now after two months I reduce about ten kgs so I am at 80kgs. My weight really something, I could as skinny as forty something but at the same time, I could gain till hundred something.

My sis kind of blaming my eat pattern when first time I gained 15kgs after my trip to KL, it was two years ago. I was in my sixty something from forty something.

I was thoughtless and gaining more and more fat. to be honest when I was in Penang, I ate more because the vegetarian food was extremely delicious compare to my place. don’t say vegetable couldn’t make you gain weight. nonsense! you eat more than your fat increase.

How work-out become my stress relieve?
It easy. more I work out, I felt tired and my brain doesn’t have any thing to think. I make myself weary. but at the same time, I don’t know why I feel so happy when I got sweat.

I leave those days, killing stress by eating. one of friend even throwing tantrum like child when she felt stress. I feel like killing two birds with one stone, doing exercise and get the body in shape, XD XD XD XD

My goal to get reduce till 40kgs, the original weight or the standard weight that I should have. I am kind shortie as Asian girl so 40-45 is the suitable weight for me.

When I reached that number, I will share it, hehehehehe…


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