BlackWood Salmon and Potato

On last post, I mentioned about new dog food for Aillen and Crystal. Well it is Blackwood salmon and potato, to say I don’t even know what brand it is.

I was being offered by someone to try out the dog food for Crystal and Aillen. From the simple tried out, I found Crystal and Aillen seems to like the dog food so much so I made the purchased (again, swap the card, ckckckckckck)

So, here this big sis of Crystal and Aillen get the smallest package ,5lbs. The price expensive (nothing cheap if you buy things for pet) and it said the dog food is holistic (the best one la) not really sure but made checking through

Since my Crystal and Aillen like it, I bought the salmon and potato flavor. this is the first time I saw crystal and aillen did enjoy eating dog food. I am running out the stock and make another order so they still keep on eating  and enjoying the dog food la.



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