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Tagging: My Sis, I, Funny and Crazy Moments

My first time to talk about my sis. She is someone I like but also dislike, She is someone I fight often but at same time I cherish. Even my relationship with my sis kinda complicated XD XD XD She still best companion for going abroad.

I never feel bored if going out with my sis. she just funny crazy person. everyone who knows us will say she is sun while I am moon. we have very different personalities just alike day and night. Sis is very talkative, play prank, mischievous, never grow up lady and has broad connection and friends while I am the opposite.

I tried to recall those memories when I went abroad with sis. she really funny person but at same time could be so irritated. I remembered when we went to Singapore, years ago. We met a group of Korean tourist in Orchard Street. That time we were buying ice cream and the one of the Korean just looking at us, not because we beautiful or what but they also wanted to buy ice cream. They approached the seller who spoke English and Chinese but not Korean.

My sis was brave enough to start conversation with the Korean tourist who were in trouble communicated with the seller even herself doesn’t speak Korean. She just spoke based on drama dialog that she remembered, wkwkwkwkwk

her first sentence…
“Oppa, Ice cream sipeoyo?” My sis asked the Korean guy who was stood near her. it turn like the Korean thought sis understood Korean and spoke so long about 2 min, I thought.

sis was so fine. she acted as if she understood and listened till the end. Then sis just smile and said “Hanguk e mollayo.” at that moment I thought my sis was got into trouble again but I was wrong. the Korean guy laughed and said something to his group.

Then I didn’t know what happen suddenly they gave my sis 1000 won. I asked sis what happen later on when we were having dinner, why the korean give you money? I asked her. she said she didn’t know. she just said”i geo won?” when the korean took out their money to pay the ice cream *slap my head on desk*

Another funny thing when sis and I visited Bangkok not long ago. she just scared herself. Sometimes when we visited one place ghost story would be there. so that time she was washing her face and suddenly screaming and when I was hurried to look her,  (the cream foam still on her face), I asked her what matter, she said she just surprising shocked seeing white face reflect in mirror which she taught was “something” but actually it was hers.

There still lots funny things related to my sis. are you get interest to continue?
This is when we were in Bali. we were in beach but forget whether in Sanur or Kuta. so, the story begin when my sis saw lady selling mangoes. she approached the seller but said nothing just looking at the mangoes.
I was followed her, wondering what my sis thought. so the seller spoke English, “Miss, this mango very sweet. you buy la. I sell cheap” well the seller English not really good but still understandable.

“Sweet ah?” My sis replied the seller in English.
“Yes. very sweet a. I sell you cheap a, only IDR80,000 per kg” The seller kept on smiling looked at my sis. that time I just laughed in my heart, thinking how could the seller tried to fool us.”mang guo ah.” My sis said in Chinese to me,referred to the mangoes. suddenly the seller spoke Chinese “hen tian, hen pian yi a. mai la.” I was shocked because the lady seem to be native Balinese. my sis still not response and kept quiet.

then another lady came approach us, that lady asked the seller lady in bahasa Indonesia “the tourist buying mangoes?”, “yes. I sell it higher price because tourist are rich.” both of ladies chit chat in bahasa Indonesia. when I heard they conversation, I kind uncomfortable because the seller tried to fool us but something expectantly came from my sis.

“Zhen me yang? yao mai ma?” The seller insisting us the seller changed from English to Chinese, she might thought we were came from China.
guess what my sis said…
“what kind of mangoes this is, how could it be so expensive?” My sis using bahasa Indonesia which made the seller face turn red.

I still have so many to share but this post gonna be so long and hard to end if talking about my sis, hehehehehe


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