Review : Etude House Every Month Cleanser Foam No 8 Revitalizing

20140816_145731This is the second review of every month cleanser foam out of the twelve from Etude House. I took no 8 the revitalizing which has Blueberry as the main ingredient.

Etude every month cleanser no 8 revitalizing is design for oily type. The product concerns for the dullness and uneven skin tone.

My review after the usage:
The texture is creamy, just put little it enough to cover all my face. It smell sweet and more alike grape than blueberry for me. since it say for oily face, I don’t think this cleanser foam work much for oily skin type because I still sense oily feeling in my T-zone. I don’t have any complain about the cleanser for me the price just reflect the quality.

It has fresh clean and others than it, nothing. so this just really cleanser to clean the face and don’t expect much such as skin become brighter or pores getting smaller because it won’t do.

PS: Picture quality is so bad because taken by phone camera. so please bear with it until I get my new camera XD XD XD


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