Up coming Review


Real Products Picture is credit to My cousin.

Albion skincare product line gonna be the next review. This will be one of the most expensive brand I gonna use and make the review. I was thinking so long when deciding to give try of this super duper expensive product. I only will make the skin conditioner review (pict no 3 from left)

Albion is Japanese skincare and cosmetic brand that has very old history. It even say as product being use by the Japanese Royal members. The price of Albion is categorized as expensive in Japan even for the Japanese themselves.

Albion hasn’t in Indonesia so the nearest place you could purchase this brand only in Singapore. My cousin is living in Japan so I don’t need to go to Singapore in order to purchase the albion, I directly asking her to send me. The price is starting from 2500 to 60,000 depend of the product.

I get interesting with the skin conditioner. My cousin told me that albion skin conditioner is one of the best seller skincare product in Japan. Bloggers reviewed seem to be so promising since most of them give very positive reviews.


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