Happy mid autumn festival ^_^

Today my family is celebrating 中秋節 or mid autumn festival or moon cake festival (whatever la the name). As Chinese-Buddhist who still hold tight the “tradition”, my mom was so busy since morning to prepare the celebration and also the “praying” thing.

We have vegetarian moon cake in Avolokitesvara Bodhisattva altar and non vegetarian moon cake in my great grand parents and grand parents altar. It was for praying purpose (the tradition part)

20140906_072932This is the common moon cake being sold in Indonesia. we have so many variant filling of moon cake, from the very basic ones such as red beans paste to the Durian flavors.

The price range quite wide from 15,000 rupiah (cheapest I could found/ pcs) to the expensive ones up to 300,000 rupiah (gift box which consist 4-8 pieces).

My family and moon cake festival
My big family (uncles, aunties and cousins) we like to spend the time together, eating moon cake in big table, chit chat and flying the lantern and fireworks. It is tradition in our big family to celebrate moon cake festival in such way every year.

We also praying to the moon in mid autumn festival. I am not sure why but my mom always say we doing it to pray for moon goddess and asking protection. if girl worship the moon, they will become as beautiful as moon goddess (well, not really sure but since mom say so, better do it, ahahahahaha XD XD )



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