Daily Life : Adopt Stray Cats

I couldn’t believe when I heard from my sis, Mom is adopting more than ten stray cats around our neighborhood environment. Mom is someone who never wants to busy herself with something called as “animal” even when the first time I said I wanted Crystal, my lil shih tzu, my mom nagging me all night.

Since my mom seems to be changed as if she were other person, I must and absolutely should help her with the new adoptive members. during my long break, I am helping mom to take care her adoptive cats which really tiring. Funny things, my sis even chaffed, why didn’t mom open shelter place for the stray animals since she has lots of “compassion”.

At the beginning I was confused why lot of cats gathering in front of my house. they were gathering and even meowing when saw mom. As I know, stray cats never really get close to human because most of time they are having bad treatment from human such as being kicked, get throwing stone even sometimes heartless people might water them with boiling water (Geezz, I really want to curse that heartless people).

After two days or three days, I asked mom why she suddenly turned like someone else, someone that I never know (hehehehehe). Asking her why adopted stray cats and mom started to tell me things that really broke my heart. I never thought human could be such scary, more than heartless (*sob* really couldn’t describe my feeling) even  know not all human neither really good nor bad but…

Mom told me some people recently are catching stray dogs and cats in our neighborhood. They caught the stray animals for feeding crocodile or circus animals because chicken price is quite expensive so they take alternative by catching stray animals.

years ago, when my cousin found stray dog, it was at same situation. my cousin forced to buy one stray dog that caught by the native Indonesian near her house. That dog seems to has owner because he has tag on his neck but no one claimed the dog so it strayed and caught by some irresponsible “people”.
They offered my cousin IDR 250K which being refused by my cousin. Then they told if no one bought the stray dog, they would kill or eat it, hearing their heartless conversation, my cousin offered them 100K for free the dog.

I did help my cousin to post via BBM about the dog, tried to find his owner but no one even contacted us. so, my cousin just adopted the dog and brought him to her farm (as information, my cousin is doing agriculture business).

IMG-20121011-00075One of my mom’s adoptive cat. does it cute? kekekekekekeke. Black cat usually being scared by people because the tale. They said black cat brings unlucky to house or the owner but we are believing kamma so, as long as we do good, the good will always come to us. so mom never mind about the color of cats.


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