Tw Drama : Love Cheque Charge 幸福兌換券

359b033b5bb5c9ea9989fef4d639b6003af3b3abEnjoying my long break, I was marathon watching some dramas. Currently airing is Love cheque Charge 幸福兌換券 cast : Yuan Ai Fei (female lead), George Hu, Xie Kun Da, Smile, JayShih, Zhao Jie, etc.

It started from He Bu Fan (何不凡) who made reckless promised to marry Xu Man Man if she hasn’t get married at the aged 30. After three years, Xu Man Man met He Bu Fan and reminding him about his promised three years ago to marry her (she tried to annoy him).

He Guan yu is He Bu Fan younger brother who is playboy. he accidentally met Wang Qian Qian, fall in love and 闪婚 (marriage in flash).

Wang Bai Hao or Ma Tong is friend of Bu Fan and Guan Yu who seems to live in his own world until one day he met a girl that fit in his criteria.

While Xie Kun Da seems to take “ghost” role who is match-making Bu Fan with Man Man (his ex when he was alive).

My Thought after watching 1-10 episodes
At first glance I thought Yuan Ai Fei was Annie Chen since both of them have similar postures (slim, tall, model posture and tan skin color). I recognized Yuan Ai Fei as model and thought she might as worse as Tia Li but I was mistaken. She more alive in acting compare to the “stiff” Tia and just as interest as Annie.

I like George but not fan. for me his acting skill is so so and watchable. He is one of actor that has “good luck” in picking his dramas. most of dramas he played gained high rating in the past. Even some of them felt alike crap for me.

JayShih just actor without popularity (that how I think about him) I knew him from DAAI drama and my attention started when he played in wo de zi you nian dai with lego and kristen and smile.

The Plot
I still can’t say so much because it long way to go. so far, it watchable.


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