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Me, Driving!

I couldn’t proud about it…
My first time driving, sis and mom felt they might get heart attack in car with me.
Don’t blame me! it really my first time driving car today. I never allow driving by mom because she thinks it might dangerous for me. So when I reached the age I could apply for the license, I learn driving and today is the first time.

I was taught to drive the car in 10-15 km/hour so, it really slowly pace. The instructor seems to be afraid while teaching me. I almost hit when make U-turn for two or three times and the speed increased to 20-25km/hour without I realised because I was so excited.

My sis said “Are u you crazy? you think you are pro?”
She kind little angry when I suddenly pushing down brake pedal (I almost hit another car in front ).

I should admitted to be wrong because I felt like I might able to drive in my very first time just alike those who drive years. So when I felt the excitement, I just increased the speed. not to mention how the instructor being afraid but still very calm to teach me. I knew he kept on grabbing the handle because sudden brake or increased speed.

Driving is not easy as I thought because I need to be very careful. especially when driving in “real” street in North Sumatera. My mom said, once I could drive in here I will be perfectly okay when driving overseas such in Japan or Taiwan. I didn’t understand but finally I knew what mom talked about last time.

Most of the Japanese alike Kou-chan’s dad driving only in between 40-60/hour but in here 40 is called as snail and people average drive in speed 80 to 120/hour. could you imagine how many time I might get yell from the others driver and not mention about being klaxon, if I only drive in 10-15/hour.

The real thing would be proven soon. The instructor just asking me to practice driving in  residential area (where not many car passing and the turns still very simple).



3 thoughts on “Me, Driving!

    1. it depends on the license you would like to apply.
      normally for License A (driving car for personal) 17 years old is permitted under parent agreement. Since my mom didn’t agree, so I should wait till my age 20 which I could apply the license by myself 😀

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