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Indonesian Movie : Tabula Rasa

140919552174860_500x250My first time to make short introduction about Indonesia Movie. So, here is Tabula Rasa, a movie about Indonesian Food Philosophy. The cast really not attractive, neither I know nor famous except for the senior actresses and actors.

What makes me “interest” and “attracted” to blog about this movie?
Simply about the Indonesian Food Philosophy described in the movie itself. Not to mention Indonesian Food is one of the best and richest of seasoning in every provinces. This kind of movie is so rare in Indonesia which makes it worth to watch despite the “not- service-able” cast

Hans is a young man who has dream to become professional football player come from serui, Papua. But fate has different agenda and path for him. When Hans has loses his will to live, he met Mak. Mak is the humble owner of Minangnese restaurant (Kapau). In the midst of the differences, Both Mak and Hans found the similarity. Dreams and the passion for living are once more ignited in Hans through food and cooking—food is the goodwill that unites them.



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