Review : The Body Shop Shiso Brightening Eye Cream

Moisture-White™-Shiso-2-in-1-Brightening-Eye-Cream,-$44.90Dark circle is best friend of me since I graduated from High school because my sleep pattern less than 8 hours every day. I tried some eye cream product (mostly sample size) which gives me good result at the beginning but no improvement later on.

I purchased The Body Shop moisture white shiso 2 in 1 brightening eye cream when it launched in the middle of August (I have used it for more than a month). I know eye cream products always expensive but TBS shiso eye cream has extremely pricey for 15ml. It cost me IDR 399,000 (about $35 using that time currency exchange)

Thanks to accumulate point that I got. so, It not too pricey after redeem some point.

Product Promise
TBS Shiso Eye Cream promise to brighten the eye area and delay the sign of aging by reducing the fatigue appearance. The main ingredients are Shiso, Vitamin C, Liquorice, Organic aloe vera.

My Opinion
I like the cream texture that not sticky and easy to absorb, the smell hard to describe at least I don’t have any problem. I used it twice a day (morning and night). My first week after used the cream nothing changed and I didn’t expect too much but still make the eye cream as routine.

After a month, the changes show up. I find my eyes area are brighten little bit (reason it doesn’t affect much because sleep less than 8 hours).

Oh~ it comes with metal applicator that I dislike very much. I still prefer my finger when applying the cream. I find that the applicator just doesn’t suit me and it turn to hurt my eyes area first time I used it.

The sales girl said to me that the applicator help to circulate the blood in eyes area while for me it just make my eye area reddish which I afraid will bruise that area. So, I like to massage my eye area with my finger that I feel more comfortable compare to the metal applicator.

Re purchased? I think NO because expensive and it takes long time to see the result. Maybe I will try another product that gives better result and friendly with my purse.


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