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Beverage Review : Soju 소주

vrynpI decided for long time whether to make the review or not due to particular reason. For K-lover, especially who watching K-dramas will find Soju familiar because it always be in drama as the fav beverage out of beers.

I wonder how Soju taste since I always see it on K-drama (especially for stress or heart-breaking scene LOL). Finally, my sis brought one and gave me a very small glass/cup to try.

It really…
Unbelievable awful. I still don’t understand why the Korean like Soju so much since it taste really bad. It smells and taste bad.
I felt like drinking nail polish and it smell like my alcohol 75% for wounds. not nice and worst.

It not hard to find Soju here since many Korean restaurant open in Medan. The soju is imported original from Korea so the price more expensive but still affordable. In Korea Soju is cheap beverage (about KRW 2000-4000) and can be found everywhere. In here, the cheapest Soju price IDR 25000 per bottle.



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