Review : Etude Petit Bubble Body Lotion

Etude Petit bubbleReviewing Body lotion not really takes much time for me but since I have bunches of product in my waiting list, this lotion review almost forgotten =.=”

Petit Bijou bubble body lotion is one of the newest lotion from Etude House, launched on May or July. It hasn’t launched in Indonesia so I need to purchase it online, directly from Etude House Korea.

What is the difference between Etude petit bijou and bubble?
From texture, no differences.
From price, Etude bubble (surprisingly) cheaper than Etude petit bijou
From smell, It almost same (very soft and light) but Etude bubble last less longer than Etude bijou.

Etude Petit Bijou Baby Bubble is so easy to absorb and moisturize the skin. It safe to use by children.
Note : for those who has very dry skin, petit bijou baby bubble won’t make so many differences. my suggest mixed it with aloe vera gel such as nature republic aloe vera 92%.


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