C-Novel : 将军抱抱要睡觉

I was in mood to read novel with light and funny story but my friend Linda (Miss blur) E-mail me Jiang Jun Bao Bao Yao Shui Jiao synopsis + chapter 4 (yeah only Chapter 4 without 1-3 =.=” )

I am totally confused since reading synopsis (which didn’t clear enough) and chapter 4 but get hooked after reading the synopsis + Chapter 4 (maybe out of curiosity).

So, I just sharing the synopsis

In order to avoid the management of restaurant being snatched away by big uncle,
She must find a man to marry and enter the Chu family line,
Or She should find way to has a baby…
Entering the General house as the maid,
But every night is hypnotic by the flower thief.
Alright, Since the man who “closer” with her couldn’t recruit as someone to marry
It fine if there is an opportunity to pregnant the baby.
He is beautiful man.
In the future the baby might be someone beautiful.
At least compare to the rumor of brutal, vicious,
and general who could break people bone
He might the safe choice.
But, he pretended blind when she seduced him.
It seems she need to work hard…


她真的……很久很久没有回到茶馆了。发生了那么多事情,等到她把身体调理好了,已经又是几个月后了。 楚珠玉挺着怀孕六个月的肚子,回到了楚家。 “楚珠玉,你居然败坏我们楚家的门风!” 败坏门风?她有吗?唔……好像本来是打算有的,不过最终还是无疾而终。 “虽然你是我堂妹,但是你…
She has been so long leaving the restaurant. many thing happen, waiting till she recuperate, it has passed couple months. Chu Zhu Yu pregnant six months when she back to Chu resident.
“Chu Zhu Yu, you ashamed our Chu family name!” Ashamed? did she? hag… It seem at the beginning intended. but eventually she gave up.
“Even though you are my cousin, but you…”

If anyone ever read this novel, please let me know. I looking for the complete one.

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