Review : Wakodo Baby UV Care SPF33

IMG-20140908-01404Last time I was asking Kou-Chan’s mom about what good sun protection or sun block for baby but at same time I don’t want any sticky feeling so, she recommended me Wakodo. That’s the story I finally purchased this product.

I prefer product being used for kids or babies than adult because I still believe babies or kids product have mild ingredient and “more safe” to use.

Wakodo is the first baby sun protector product I used so I really excited to review it. The product has many types due to the differences of SPF such as  19 and 33. Mine is SPF33 because recently Indonesia is so hot and the sun shines brightly except for those area near volcanic explosion (Sinabung mountain) covered with ashes.

I don’t have much information about Wakodo Baby UV care SPF33 because everything just written in Japanese. Okay I know Hiragana+Katagana+little kanji but don’t expect me to know what the meaning since my Japanese only at level 1 introduction section (ckckckcckckc).

The product
The texture is so fluid very similar with correction pen even the color too, white. It doesn’t smell, not sticky and absorb very fast to skin.

The test
Surprising, I got different results using Wakodo.
I tried a week using Wakodo when I strolling in traditional market in the morning (around 6-7 am). The Sun not really bright it more alike cloudy so really a nice weather to stroll at traditional market since it so outdoor. The result, my skin safe. (very satisfied)

Then I tried to use it when I went to beach. Playing water about 2-3 hours in the beach (swimming, playing sands, etc) my skin reddish but no burning sensation like I used to feel every time going to beach. Usually if my skin turning red it means going to change be darken after one day but using Wakodo, my skin didn’t changes as I thought. (satisfied)

Being under sun for half hour (plucking fruit in my uncle farm) in afternoon while the sun shine so brightly and stung. My skin was so red but no burn sensation, no skin being peeled but it darken little my skin tone.

Over all I feel satisfied with Wakodo. The Price in Japan isn’t expensive but after shipped to my place It became expensive compare to Nivea or Etude. The size is so small about 30ml. In order to make wakodo review, I spent about six months to see the result because repetition test.


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