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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 1

wallace cheungUpdated (16 December 2016)
Something came up in July 2016, almost all of my translations works and also my partners being taken by irresponsible people in order to gain monetary benefit. General Wants to Hug and Sleep was one of my works that being copy-paste and distributed without my permission.
I was so upset and pissed off at the moment I knew it. But again, I cheered up myself despite of resent the things that happened. I’m trying to improve myself and the translation quality. Here I presented the update version (^_^)

Translator : Azurro
Proofreader – Grammar Checker : Djinn-Mage

Chapter 1 The General’s Weird Sickness

In the center of Luo Yang province, Xiao Zhi, there was no one who didn’t know this name.

As said, he was an orphan, adopted by Monk Hui Wu, learning and practicing martial arts. Everyone knew how excellent his marital arts skills were. The people who were trying to test his marital arts, none of them would see the second day’s sun rise.

Moreover, when he was twelve years old, he joined the army and repeatedly made meritorious military services. No wonder the court was looking to him non-stop and his administrative position  increased from the second level to the Great General. Maybe going from second level administrator to Great General might not count as that big of an achievement, but his status and power which was 1/3 of the country’s military force was in his hands. It was enough for people to speak cautiously with him.

But the most “legendary rumor” was that the twenty-five-year-old Xiao Zhi didn’t have a wife and concubine. Moreover he didn’t look forward to having any relationship with any popular entertainer or scandalous rumor… videlicet. He was so “clean” that even the citizens of Luo Yang took this matter into the restaurants as a conversation topic, every day they  observed their great general’s reasons for being “clean”.

Xiao Residence

The slender slim body sitting on the chair, the beautiful good-looking face was expressionless-a hard to describe expression. Supported on his left hand, Xiao Zhi was looking at his hand that was looking at the book and reading one page, his slender finger would gently strike the page and turned to the next page, while the other hand was above the desk allowing Doctor Yu to examine his pulse.

Doctor Yu was trembling while putting the hand back, looking at the pale face of Xia Zhi who had dark circles underneath his eyes. Frowning, he sighed.Why was he so unlucky today, being asked to come to Xiao’s residence. If he knew earlier he would have asked for a sick leave and took rest at home.

  “How?” a very calm voice asked. The doctor was stunned for almost  half a day until he regained himself, realizing when the Great General shouted at him.

“General, I am afraid you might be worrying about the country, so you are a little exhausted as long as you take care, I believe you will….”

“I am just asking you when will I be able to sleep?”  Xiao Zhi impatiently cut off Doctor Yu’s words.

“This…Since it has been three days in which General hasn’t slept, I will prescribe sleeping medicine. Maybe it would help.”

“Is it Ginseng, Qing Pi, The bark of the Cork Tree (Philodendron), Angelica, Radix, Sheng Ma, herb, Zhi Cao, these kinds of medicine?” Xiao Zhi raised his eyebrow.

Doctor Yu felt his sweat dripping down from his forehead, in court who didn’t know from the high to the low ranked levels that making the general sleep was harder than the Official Examination. The General’s body itself was consisting of the group of poison, frankly to say even by using  drugs to make him unconscious was something impossible.

“Does General have another opinion?” Doctor Yu asked in a very ‘modest’ way. According to  past experiences, if the eyes of General  deepened, it meant that his temperament would be worse, and now… he had entered into a dangerous mood.

“Are you asking me “my opinion”? ” He sweeping with his cold eyes and  tone of voice changed. Once the doctor heard it, his body staggered while taking three steps backward.

This General Xiao … now just because he was in a bad mood, he could even slaughter the small doctor.

Desperately, the doctor tried to rack his brain quickly, and almost losing his smile said: “This lowly one has a method. Maybe General could give it a try. General’s body temperature is kind of cold, causing  difficulty  in attaining proper sleep. Perhaps by making General’s body temperature same with  average people, General might easily sleep,” pausing for a moment, Doctor Yu tried to see the expression of Xiao Zhi, and continued to say: “Since  ancient times, there were often  people who had warm body temperatures who could warm others too. Maybe general could give it a try?”

“Doctor Zhang Yu, do you mean that you are asking someone to warm my general’s body?” The head of Xiao Residence’s house keeper who stood not so far, impatiently, and finally spoke out.

Doctor Yu’s old face suddenly turned red, “General can find some young maid to hug and attain some warm temperature…”

The people of all of Luo Yang knew that General Xiao was notoriously abstinent, he was not attracted to women. If the general wouldn’t go according to this method, it wouldn’t be his matter anymore if the general still couldn’t sleep.

Thinking about it, Doctor Yu was in a very good mood by just trying to relinquish himself and leave the Xiao Residence.

Suddenly, the sitting Xiao Zhi stood up from the chair, walking towards the maid-servant who was serving tea who possessed an obsessive look, he grabbed her and embraced her onto his chest and tried to close his eyes.

The chin falling to ground!
Is this okay? Doctor Yu and the head house keeper, Xiao Ren, were dumbstruck seeing the scene in front of them.  Feeling as if  lighting hit their heads through the door. Even they knew that the general was someone who acted strangely, but this thing too…

“Do my eyes have problems?” Doctor Yu turned to look at Xiao Ren.

“I thought… No,” Xiao Ren struggling shook his head.

Shortly after, Xiao Zhi opened his eyes releasing the maid from his arm and seriously said to Xiao Ren: “Next time change her with a fatter one.This one is so thin, too loose when hugging.”

“Yes…” Xiao Ren twitched his mouth.

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27 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 1

  1. LOL so a general that everyone is afraid is naive enough to believe in the doctor’s ridicilous suggestion? >.> ….. Now I understand where the title of the novel came from.

    Don’t tell me the female lead is plump? Since Doctor Yu suggested a more “rounded” female.

      1. I would have offered my help to help you edit and make it flow better, but I got too much on my plate already. Have you thought of making an index page for it?

  2. Hi, just found your page. Thanks for the translation. As a person who likes chinese tomance but can not read chinese you really help. Thanks a bunch.

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