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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 1

Updated (5 May 2017)

Something came up in July 2016, almost all of my translations works and also my partners being taken by irresponsible people in order to gain monetary benefit. General Wants to Hug and Sleep was one of my works that being copy-paste and distributed without my permission.
I was so upset and pissed off at the moment I knew it. But again, I cheered up myself despite of resent the things that had happened. I’m trying to improve myself and the translation quality. Here I presented the update version (^_^)

PS: This translation has edited several times by people who offered help for fixing my broken English before, but due to few reasons, I decided to re-do it by myself. Again, I am so thankful for those people who had ever helped me out to edit this first chapter.

Translator : Azurro

General Wants to Hug and Sleep is posted and translated only for  Please do not make a copy of our translations in pdf or any other distributable format because we edit our translations continuously.

Chapter 1

The General’s Weird Sickness

In the center of Luo Yang province, Xiao Zhi Zhi, there was no one who didn’t know this name.

As said, he is an orphan who is adopted by Monk Hui Wu, he was learning and practicing martial arts. How excellent his martial arts skills were, no ones didn’t know it. Those people who were trying to test his martial arts, none of them would see the second day’s sun rise.This is translated bu

Moreover, when he was at his twelve years old, he has already been joining the troop and repeating made meritorious military services. No wonder the court kept on sending him out to battle-field while his administrative position continuously  increasing from the second rank officer post to the Great General. Perhaps going from second rank administrator to Great General position wasn’t count as big of an achievement, but the power that he has held, the 1/3 of the country’s military force was in his hands. It was more than enough for people to speak cautiously with him. stop to read from the thief!

But the most ‘legendary rumor’ that spreading around about the twenty-five-year-old Xiao Zhi Zhi, he didn’t have neither a wife nor concubine. Moreover he didn’t have any scandalous romance1] with the most beautiful lady or any popular entertainer in this city. In order words, He was truly extremely ‘clean’.

Often the people of Luo Yang city took this matter as a conversation topic during their leisure time, every day they would like to discuss the reasons of their Great General for being ‘clean’.

Only read at

Xiao Residence If not read at then this post is stolen!

The slender slim body was sitting on the chair, the refine beautiful good-looking face who has educated appearance somewhat showing such expressionless face. supported on his left hand, Xiao Zhi Zhi was reading the book the held by his hand, after he done reading one page, his slender finger would gently stroke and turned to the next page, while the other hand put flat above the table, allowing the Imperial Doctor to examine his pulse.This is Azurro4cielo’s translation

The Imperial Doctor was trembling when drawing his hand back, looking at Xiao Zhi Zhi under-eyes that has a faint mark underneath his eyes. Showing his worries, sighed. Anger to himself why was he so unlucky today, being asked by Xiao’s Mansion housekeeper to come here. If he knew earlier he would have asked for a sick leave and took rest at home.

“How is it?” A very calm voice asked. The Imperial Doctor was stunned for almost half a day until he regained back himself then he realizing the Great General has called him out.

If not read from then this has stolen!

“General, I am afraid you might be worrying about the country too much, so you are a little bit exhausted as long as you take care, I believe you will….”  Only read at If not then this post has stolen!

“I am just asking you when will I be able to sleep?”  Xiao Zhi Zhi impatiently cut off The Imperial Doctor’s words.

“This…Since it has been three days in which General hasn’t slept, I will prescribe sleeping medicine. Maybe it would help.” Only read at If not, then this post has stolen by thief!

“Is it Ginseng, Green Tangerine Peel (Qing Pi), The bark of the Cork Tree (Philodendron), Angelica, Radix, Sheng Ma, herb, Zhi Cao, these kinds of medicine?” Xiao Zhi Zhi raised his eyebrow.! new update only available at azurro4cielo

The Imperial Doctor felt his sweat dripping down from his forehead, in court everyone knew from the high to the low ranked levels that making the general sleep is harder than passed the Imperial Examination. The General’s body itself is consisting of the group of poison, frankly to say even by using drugs to make him unconscious, it stills something impossible. this is translation work. stop to read from the thief!

“Does General have another wise opinion?” Imperial Doctor asked in a very ‘humble’ way. According to his past experiences, if the faint-mark underneath General’s eyes  deepened, it meant that his temperament would be worsen, and now…the faint-mark underneath his eyes are deepened almost getting into the most dangerous moods.

“Are you asking me ‘my wise opinion’? ” He swept with his cold eyes and the tone of his voice has already changed. Once the Imperial Doctor heard it, his body staggered while taking three steps backward.

This General Xiao … Could it because he still in a bad mood, then he even has a thought to slaughter this small Imperial Doctor. ONLY read at! translation belongs to azurro4cielo

Desperately, the Imperial Doctor tried to rack his brain quickly, and almost losing his smile, said: “This lowly one has a method. Maybe General could give it a try. General’s body temperature is kind of cold, causing  difficulty in attaining proper sleep. Perhaps by making General’s body temperature same with average people, General might easily to fall asleep,” pausing for a moment, Imperial Doctor tried to see whether there was or no any changes in Xiao Zhi Zhi expression, and continued to say: “Since long time ago, often those people who had warm body temperatures were able to warm others too. Maybe general could give it a try?”! stop to read from thief!

“Imperial Doctor Zhang, did you mean, are you asking someone to warm my general’s body?” The head of Xiao Residence’s house keeper who was standing not so far, impatiently, and finally speaking out.

Imperial Doctor’s old face suddenly turned red, “General can find some young maid to hug and attain some warm temperature…”!!

All of Luo Yang’s people knew that General Xiao is notoriously abstinent, he is not attracted to women. If the general wouldn’t go according to this method, it wouldn’t be his matter anymore if  general still couldn’t sleep.

Thinking about it, the Imperial Doctor’s mood suddenly turned to be very good, he only thought on how to get rid this problem*] from himself and leave the Xiao’s Residence as soon as possible.

Suddenly, the sitting Xiao Zhi Zhi stood up from the chair, walking in front to the serving tea servant-maid, that maid servant possessed kind of an obsessive look, he grabbed her and embraced her onto his chest and tried to close his eyes.

Jaw dropping to ground! this is translated by

Did this also work too? translation belongs to! ONLY read at

The Imperial Doctor and the head house keeper, Xiao Ren, were dumbstruck seeing the scene in front of them.  Feeling as if the lighting hit their heads. Even they knew the general is someone who lawlessness, but this thing was too…

“Do my eyes have problems?” Imperial Doctor asked and turned his look to Xiao Ren.

“I thought… No,” Xiao Ren struggling shook his head.

Shortly after, Xiao Zhi Zhi opened his eyes released the maid from his arm and seriously said to Xiao Ren: “Next time change her with a fatter one. This one is so thin, too loose when hugging.”

“Yes…” Xiao Ren twitched his mouth.


1] 风 Feng  流 Liu 韵 Yun 事Shi: (Idiom) Love Affair, Romance [In negative way]

*] 烫 Tang 手 Shou 山 Shan 芋 Yu: Problem, trouble, hot-potato (idiom)

General Wants to Hug and Sleep is posted and translated only for  Do not make a copy of the translations in pdf or any other distributable format! All forms of reproduction, redistribution, or reposting are not authorized. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been taken without permission of the translator.



32 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 1

  1. LOL so a general that everyone is afraid is naive enough to believe in the doctor’s ridicilous suggestion? >.> ….. Now I understand where the title of the novel came from.

    Don’t tell me the female lead is plump? Since Doctor Yu suggested a more “rounded” female.

      1. I would have offered my help to help you edit and make it flow better, but I got too much on my plate already. Have you thought of making an index page for it?

  2. Hi, just found your page. Thanks for the translation. As a person who likes chinese tomance but can not read chinese you really help. Thanks a bunch.

  3. Awww its so funny. When i see the title its a bit strange but now i cant stop reading it hahaha…. i’m glad you already translate all chapters. Thx for your hard work

  4. Wooowww…
    This chapter 1 makes me want to read another chapter,,,
    Sooo hilarious for the 1st chap
    I have feeling that i will like it…xixixixix
    Thanks for the story,,,
    I will continue reading ^^

  5. just got here. thank you for your hard work translating so people like us could enjoy it. never mind the stealers of your hard work, there is karma. tc

  6. (I haven’t read the chapter yet, but I read your text)
    Many translators end up dropping their novels when they catch their hard work being posted elsewhere without their permission or credits, I admire you for not giving up despite your anger and disappointment in those people, I feel sad that it happens as frequently as it does and most people that read in these sites are unaware of what happens, and unaware of the existence of site like NovelUpdates that post all chapters released and redirect the public to the creators platforms, so is more a question of Awareness and Goodwill than anything else.
    But again, thank you VERY much for not being demotivated to stop your amazing work as a translator, I hope you can always be this way.

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