New Translation Project : General wants to hug and sleep

Finally I managed to get the link for 将军抱抱要睡觉 (general wants to hug and sleep) after being tricked by Linda.

Geez… she thought that I won’t able to find the link, ahahahaaa…
Since ever we get introduced to Mr. google and Baidu, searching and finding things, won’t be too hard, my girl.😄😄😄

Linda teased me by sending me only synopsis and chapter 4 but once I told her, I found the link, she challenging me to translate the novel. I doubted because my Chinese is so lacking but finally I agreed.

I finished first chapter and find this novel might be the next translation project. beside short chapters about 22 chapters, I think this might help my Chinese improving by little.

I will post the first chapter translation and see whether you guys like it or not. let me know what do you think about it😀


  1. sutekii · October 13, 2014

    I look forward to it ^^

  2. arni · November 11, 2014

    i’m looking forward to the story… it look interesting.
    i just recently found this website….

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