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General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 2

Updated: 30 Dec 2016
Translated : Azurro
Edited : Djinn-Mage

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T/N: Well, before I start the second chapter translation, I would like to thank suteki for her kindness to introduce my blog and the readers who are give their time to visit my blog. I will try my best to give and share good translation especially for the C-novel.

If you guys find out first chapter funny, I promise you that second chapter even funnier because our female lead such fills with many naive idea about getting married and her ways to protect her family business for being taking over by her big uncle and brother cousin.

Chapter 2

Voluntary As Maid

Yue Qin Tea House is one of the renowned tea houses in the center of Luo Yang City. Ten years ago, it was only a rotten and broken tea house. When the business was about to be shut down, the owner’s daughter, Chu Zhu Yu, spent a few years to make the business successful again.

The good tea of Zhu Yu wasn’t the only factor that made the Yu Qin Tea House different compared to the other tea houses. It was also because of the fresh entertainment. A few days ago, it even introduced new variants of teas. Talking about the tea house, it became one of the renowned places where scholars gather and also made the tea business spotlighted.

At this time, on the Chu family’s big lobby, Chu Zhu Yu couldn’t find anyone with a happy expression.

Wearing the yellow chiffon dress made her well-developed body more rounded.Ay, ay it was plump and absolutely not fat. Her pair of black sparkling eyes, directly glared towards two people, “Big uncle, what do you mean?”

“Zhu Yu, this Yue Qin Tea House is the Chu family’s business and your surname is Chu, however you are a girl. In the future, you will be married and your children won’t be named Chu as their surname. How about handing the business over to the family who has the Chu name?” Being judged by big uncle Chu Xiang who was stroking his mountain goat-like mustache.

Chu Xiang son’s, Chu Mu Cai, who sounded like an opera singer said,”Cousin, My father is willing to pay one thousand  silvers in order to take over your tea house.It is  extremely best for you so what makes you second guess yourself?”

“Humph,” Chu Zhu Yu sneezed.This is about her tea house which is more valuable than that small silver offer.

“When grandfather passed away, the people who asked for separation was you guys.Grandfather had so many businesses, but you guys just gave this Yue Qin Tea House to my father and I.Now, when the tea house business is earning some money, you guys are thinking to get some share! Let me ask you if today I advertised one thousand silvers to sell the tea house, how many people would come to buy it?”

Chu Mu Cai’s face changed, “The Chu family’s business is not something you can sell when you want to sell it!”

“The lease is still in my hand. How can I not sell it?” Chu Zhu Yu looked with superiority. She had seen shameless people, but never had she met the likes of her brother cousin and big uncle.

“Or cousin, you want to meet in the court room?” Chu Mu Cai threatened. “As the saying goes, normal civilians won’t pick a fight with a government officer. Cousin, did you forget my status? or second uncle It’s better that you tell her.”

The person Chu Mu Cai called second uncle was Chu Zhu Yu’s father, Chu Sheng.

Chu Sheng’s character was soft. He pulled his daughter to his side and speaking with a low tone said,“Yu Er, your brother cousin is the imperial scholar whom obtained rank seven in the official government. Not to mention, he is an officer who manages scholars. We can’t piss him off.”

“Father!” Chu Zhu Yu said with a comforting tone. The kind of status Chu Mu Cai had, she knew well. “It’s not like I am greedy for money. I feel dissatisfied. The time when grandfather passed away, mother also passed away. Big uncle and the rest didn’t even have any small sympathy for us. That time when the tea house was in crisis, the hardship we went through, and now they want to take advantage of us.It’s not that easy!”

“Yu Er, do you have any ideas?” Chu Sheng knew his daughter might have ideas.

Chu Zhu Yu laughed and turned her head. Looking at Chu Xiang and Chu Mu Cai she said,” Big uncle, brother cousin, you guys are worrying that if one day I get married, my  children would have a different surname.You’re worrying that the Chu’s business will be taken over by someone who is not a Chu?”

Father and Son nodded their heads and said,“Yes.”

“It is a simple matter,” her lips curved upwards and smiled so obviously.

“How to solve it?” the father and son asked.

“I will find someone who wants to get married into this family. Won’t it do?” Believing that she, Chu Zhu Yu, could find someone in the center of Luo Yang City who wanted to marry her with a single call. There will be many to pick from.

From the four corners of the world, Chu Zhu Yu finally came to understand that her ideas to make a man marry her and get into her family wasn’t something easy.

On the first day, she went to the doors of twenty-seven matchmakers. Once they heard that the miss from the Chu family was searching for someone who was willing to marry into her family, none of the match-making ladies wanted to take the business.She even didn’t set that high of a standard. Speaking frankly, her requirements were not really high. She wanted a man who was able to do accounting, who could enter the kitchen and serve, understood about tea and its quality, and the most important out of those, he should be someone very healthy…

But before waiting for her to finish all her requirements, those match-making ladies kicked her out from the door.

On the second day, Chu Zhu Yu was trying to find some poor literate guy in the center of Luo Yang City. The categories were: an ambitious person, a lack of money to spend, and a fast learner. She hardly got 13 people. Once she talked about her intentions, with a righteous look, they said, “We are literate people, how  could we do such a dishonorable thing regarding our marriage.”

Please big brother, she didn’t ask for murdering or flaming.This had nothing to do with degrading their honor and marrying into the family.

”I can give you money to take the exam. I can also make you someday bring honor to your ancestors.”

“Is he still a man, if he does such for money?!”


This kind of conversation more or less was very similar with the other 12 people before him.

On the third day, Chu Zhu Yu thought to find some martial arts men. those who practiced martial arts must be someone with a big heart and good brain. Talking about marrying into the family wouldn’t be a big matter. She was searching, and once she found the suitable candidate, she was prepared to speak, but who knew that the candidate was in conflict. Make a single move with hands, dozens of people flew out.

Chu Zhu Yu’s body became unsteady, and she escaped. She didn’t want that one day, when they became husband and wife and fought, she would be hit in such a way.

On the fourth day, she directly went to a host house (something like brothel where men serve women) and found one host (not selling body but selling art and skill such as dancing, singing, etc). “I will give you money for compensation if you get married into my family, won’t you?”

That host suddenly knelt down, but what he said was different from what Chu Zhu Yu thought. It was far from a grateful act, ”Miss Chu, I beg of you to let me off. I don’t want to die early. I still wish to one day continue my family line, living a life like that of normal people.”

“Marrying into my Chu family, won’t you have a normal life?”

“Don’t you know that your big uncle has spread the word in the center of Luo Yang City: those who are willing to marry into your family, let you bear a baby, would immediately die without ever having a son ah~!”

The man was crying miserably, crying till she felt embarrassed.

While walking out from the host house, Chu Zhu Yu felt her head getting double cause of frustration.

Is it really this hard to just make someone marry into her family? She only wanted children that would have the surname “Chu”. Even the father’s background didn’t matter to her anymore.

“Hey, have you heard the rumor? The Sun’s family maid shamelessly seduced the master and worse, she’s pregnant too!”

“Really shameless!”

“Who knows that this maid was not lucky enough.When she was found out by Sun Yuan Wai’s wife, she was dragged to be beaten, but she still is pregnant. They said Sun Yuan Wai will marry her as the seventh concubine.”

That is the gossip talked by those gossiping mid-aged aunties. After hearing such a conversation, it gave Chu Zhu Yu an idea and raised her hope.

“Become a maid? Will it be easy to seduce the master and bear the child?” She got closer and asked.

“See, you lady. How come you are asking such a question?” a mid-aged auntie lectured her.

“Aiya~ you lady, it is very normal if you don’t know,” said another a mid-aged auntie

“This is what is called as proximity between the master and maid. In ages past, there were lots of servants who bore their master’s baby and finally became a concubine.”

Chu Zhu Yu’s eyes were sparkling after hearing the gossip. So, to become a maid, there is an advantage.

Fine! She decided to become a maid. Then she will work hard… bear the child, and about being a concubine, let others do it!

The next day, Chu Zhu Yu stood in front of one of the middle-aged housekeepers.



“Married yet?”

“Not yet.”

“In this residence, the regulations are so many. All should be done carefully and in detail, even though you are a maid, you should be responsible and not hold delusions.”

“Yes! Yes!” Chu Zhu Yu nodded her head, feeling as if the head house keeper seemed to know her intentions.It sounded like a warning to her.

“But seeing your body has more meat, the general won’t mind it too.” The house keeper continued.

“General?” She came to be a maid so what was the relation with her body meat?

“Later you will become the maid who serves the general. Every month you will get two silver Liangs.” The head house keeper of Xiao gave the working contract, letting Chu Zhu Yu make a thumb stamp.

What? Wasn’t she going to work in the Kang residence? How did it change to the General’s residence?

Chu Zhu Yu got confused as she nodded her head. Running to the front of the residence, she looked at the plank’s written three words “The General’s Residence”.Then she gazed to the side shocked, and she looked.The next residence’s written two words were

“Kang Residence”

Oh My Heaven! Impossible ah!



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  1. haahaaa…aigoooo….what to do..both our lead soooo naive together…haahaaaa…i cant stop imagine…even the address is wrong…haahaaa…

    1. you are right…
      I can’t stop laughing. especially when she thinks finding man as her husband who wants married into her family won’t be difficult.
      Next chapter will funny too when both of lead meet…

    1. The general even more naive than I thought. he might someone goes for war and doesn’t afraid anything but when comes to “man and woman things” he doesn’t know anything.

    2. Nope. I don’t think she has that plan. She is just hoping to have him get her pregnant and give the baby her name so her uncle will get off her back about keeping the tea house in the family name.

  2. Tq for translating, leinnie, and happy finally meet someone from sumut, that also love Chinese novel like me, i’m from medan, if u don’t mind I wanna add u in my bbm fren, I will mail u my pin ( it’s very rare to find someone beside my fren and I who read sound of desert novel in medan, we can share file too and meet sometimes) #happy

  3. Hi! I found your blog thru sutekii 🙂 I love reading your translation of this book. It’s so funny. Both characters are lovable haha. Wish you good health 🙂

  4. Our female lead just leaps into the fire. LOL!

    The General is gonna be in for a surprise.

    Looking forward to our heroines antics.

  5. Thanks!
    Grr, those relatives of hers…!! Hmph, hmph! Lol, it’s ver funny,though! So hilarious, wrong address! It’s fate—-!

  6. Thank you for translating this novel; it’s really hard to find translations for these types of novels. That’s why i really appreciate that you took time out of your busy life to translate for us.

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