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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 3.1

Since the chapter three quite long, I will divided it into two section. So, today I will post the first section of the chapter three.

Grammatical Checker: Jiya

Chapter 3 Hugging on Her and Sleep

Part 1 (one)

On her new status as the worker-maid, Chu Zhu Yu massages her stiff shoulder, she indeed needs a strong body to be maid, even only sweeping the yard, it’s tiring  her to death. Who knows the general yard is so big which shocking people to death.

The young master of Kang residence and the General residence, General Xiao Zhi are both good looking men. But the differences between them is that the young master of Kang residence is well known promiscuous, has bunches of wives, even he has an affair with the lady courtesan. That’s why Chu Zhu Yu decided to sneak into Kang residence to complete her plan.While this Xiao general is famous for his unattractiveness towards women. Coming into Xiao residence as maid, that’s mean it really only be …maid.

Chu Zhu Yu has been massaging her shoulder for half a day but still feeling pain in her back. And at this time she even craving for tea.

From her childhood, she has grown up by her father’s influence of “tea” this thing, she loves to smell tea, brew tea, drink tea, even Chu Sheng  told Chu Zhu Yu that her body smell alike some types of tea.

She opened the window, Chu Zhu Yu was looking for the full moon. The night was silent deeply, it would be better…

She rolled her eyes, she is sneaking and looking around the general residence and moving out tea set. Then she sneaked into the kitchen secretly boiling a pot of water. In here, there is no choice to brew the tea using good water so she only makes with what she finds.

Chu Zhu Yu puts the tea leaves into the pot until the water boil, she increased the temperature until the tea leaves rotate and then gently scrape, the tea was floating in white foam,and then she covered it with lid.

Her black shadow of plump figure holding tea pot is walking to toward her own room. She felt relieved when she is in her own room. Walking inside her room, there is a small table. She poured couple cups of tea and put in the table, the heat of boiling tea and made her room filled with tea aroma. Slowly spread to entire of room.

Chu Zhu Yu can’t hold her deep breath. Both of her hands gently raised the cup of tea and using her nose to smell, enjoy the aroma of the tea.

Gently sipping her tea, sweeping all her tired feeling and bad mood of getting mistaken into general residence.

“it’s alright, since she is here, just goes as plan, general also good looking man. It doesn’t mean no opportunity.” In that way, she can comfort herself. One side sipping her tea and the other side looking at the full moon from the window of her room. Suddenly her mouth opens and she read poem “The light of shiny moon, uxorilocal most difficult, if this time the king here, I prefer to marry him…”

At the moment, in front of her eyes, a shadow which is blocking the moon light and gently landed in front of her.

Such a fairy Buddha-look, the wind gently blowing the dark and long straight hair, haunting the moonlight which makes difficult to ignore.

Is this a human? Or the living fairy?

Chu Zhu Yu staring the figure which is standing outside her window. This is a good looking man, tall, long and his lean body wrapped in black robe and the wide sleeves narrow to waist. He is wearing Yu Guan on his hair. While the golden belt tied around his waist, beautiful eyebrow, watery eyes, aquiline nose, thin lips with extremely pale pink, the good looking face in the darkness of night actually gives a sense of immortality feeling.

“Are you human?” the word already blurted out before thinking.

And the person is sweeping her with his glance, “who are you?”

“The maid at Xiao residence.” Ng, this is her new status.


“Chu Zhu Yu.” She desperately reported her name.

He moves his brow, the next moment he has moved to the front of her window and say weirdly, three words—- still be able.

Chu Zhu Yu confused, “what is still be able?”

“You are not to thin, hugging won’t loose hand.”


Too be continue…….
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7 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 3.1

  1. aiyaaaa…..not enough..not enough…haahaaa…“You are not to thin, hugging won’t loose hand.”???kahkahkah…really cant stop cute…and funny..huuhuu…now i cant wait next part….

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