Eating Clean

Food : Breakfast Idea

I am not usually to take my breakfast early in the morning because I wake up at eight  every morning in average since I go sleep late every night, sometime I could go sleep at 4 am and it really bad sleep pattern.

My sis even said I more alike owl in panda body. means I active at night and every day my appearance look more like panda because of the dark circle.

Even I wake up early, I don’t have any appetite to have breakfast (especially with heavy food that mostly Indonesian take), if not nine or ten. that’s why I having my breakfast mostly at office.

IMG-20140501-01131so, my sis is crazy with her diet plan which only take whole wheat bread 2 slices every morning without additional such as jam or butter, plain that’s all. while I was nagging by mom about my improper eating so she asking me to follow my sis which yucks…


I am thinking to add more color to my sis food so I create such colorful sandwich without needing to have complicated cooking skill. ahahahahahahaha

I just adding raw things except the fried egg (not too hard la!) and it might ease me to grab too when I having breakfast at office. since making such breakfast won’t take more than 5 min.


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