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Impression, C-Novel : 睡住不放 (Sleep Still, Don’t Let Go)

Vising Shushengbar and get interesting with the new publish novel recommendation from Xinn (who posted it).

I get interested once I read the synopsis and thinking to put in my reading list. So let me share the synopsis


synopsis  (from shushengbar )

Unloved by her male chauvinistic father, bullied by her illegitimate brother, unappreciated by her boyfriend, and constantly witnessing her mother’s low status in the family, Lin Wan’s life is as pathetic as can be. But that’s just how it is, living in an extremely patriarchic family where woman is an absolute nobody.

After dumping her wretched boyfriend, Lin Wan moved on with life working in a company which manages luxurious properties in an upscale housing estate. As side income, she also helps to petsit two golden retrievers for one of the house owners. Then one day, she eventually meets Ceng Jun, the owner of the two dogs. She could hardly believe it when on their first meeting, she was offered to be “kept” by him. Ceng Jun said, “rather than secretly enjoying this lavish house, why don’t you openly live in and be the mistress of the house?”. Lin Wan rudely rejected him, quit her job and was very adamant about starting afresh with a new job.

But alas, her even more wretched father decided to skip town bringing along his illegitimate son and all their household valuables and left Lin Wan and her poor mother saddled with all his debts. Homeless and almost destitute, she has no choice but to seek out Ceng Jun for help.

what do you think about this novel?

My first impression really positive after reading the synopsis and Xinn comment on shushengbar. from what Xinn wrote, I think the novel may suit my taste. because I don’t really like the open ending or sad ending story except something worthy to read such as Lost You Forever (really suffocated, feeling as I were there witness Xiao Yao fate with 3 males T^T )


2 thoughts on “Impression, C-Novel : 睡住不放 (Sleep Still, Don’t Let Go)

  1. Hi azurro.. it been ages since i visit and comment on ur blog.. recently i quite busy with classes since its early semester.. are ubplanning to trasnlate this nivel? I think the storyline is interesting.. i appreciate if u want to translate this novel… i reallllly love to read this novel.. by the way i m repeating the general wants to hug and sleep.. its unfortunat i cannot read chineese.. huhi

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