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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉)3.2

here the second part of chapter 3.
Zhu Yu doesn’t really like her figure, the plump ones. So, whenever the general mention about her plump body, she will feel the general is insulting her in very soft way rather directly calling her FAT. even the general serious thinking Zhu Yu has nice and comfortable body but our female lead doesn’t believe it and assume it as “mocking” to her figure.

Grammatical Checker : Jiya

Chapter 3 Hugging on Her and Sleep

Part 2 (Two)

…..” She sweating, “I am plump and not fat!” the meat on her body is one the thing she hates most, every time she sees other girls wearing make up  graceful, while she even make her own dresses from the fabric cloth and spend more than others.

“No one said you fat.” The beautiful person looked at her, his voice sound like soft willow but truly nice, “just now what are you reading?”

Alright la, good looking person really good looking, even the voice is nice. She decided by judging his beauty, forgiving him of what he was saying before, 

“nothing, reading randomly.” He doesn’t carefully listen to the poem.

“That thing on your hand, what is it?” the beautiful man keeps asking.

“oh, it is tea.” Chu Zhu Yu just remembered if she is holding hot tea cup.

“smell good.” He said.

Once Chu Zhu Yu feels her hand loosen, her cup tea is on the other person hand already.

The slender finger holding the tea shiny purple tea cup, Chu Zhu Yu looking at the beauty and exclaimed beauty man even has beautiful fingers.

Xiao Zhi picks up the tea cup, smell of the tea was very soft not too strong, it had the scent of fruit and flower. Just now, he was had hard time to get sleep, under the moon light he has strolling and get hooked with the scent which is this tea scent.

“Is this a scent of tea?” he felt kind of different from the usual tea he has.

“Do you like to drink tea?” she asked, It is kind of hard to find someone who likes tea in general residence but meeting this kind of skilled person, she must have good chat with him.

He thinks a moment and answered : yes.

Chu Zhu Yu got interested, “So, usually what kind of tea do you like to drink?” as she has been working as maid in general residence,  it real hard to meet someone who likes tea, naturally she should have a good chit chat.

“Ju Shan Yin Zhen.” What he said is the yellow types tea that is one of the best tea.

Chu Zhu Yu speechless, that is one of the best tea ah~ , in the market it price extremely expensive, because it is valuable tea, it hard to price. “The others kind?”

“That’s all.” He shook his head.

“….” Speechless, “So you only drink this kind of tea?”

“Is there something wrong?”

“Tea has so many types and variant, you only drink one kind, don’t you feel kind of regret.” She uses very pity eyes sight looking at him, “drinking tea ah~, should trying to taste many types of tea because drinking different tea will give different feeling.”

“Is it true?” he looked down, he looked to the cup in his hand.

Chu Zhu Yu continue said : “Just alike this type of tea in your hand, this is the type of An Hui red tea, this kind of tea has clear red color, once it enter into mouth it fresh lasting after taste.”

While she is speaking, she also uses her sparkling eyes looking at Xiao Zhi, as if her eyes saying, give a try la~ give a try.

Xiao Zhi frowning, but still his hand raise the tea cup. His thin lips close to the lip of tea cup and slowly drink the tea.

She carefully observe his expression, from his expression she not sure whether he likes or dislike with the tea.

“It truly a good tea, this taste is exactly as you describe.” He has  smile on his face, this beautiful man seems to satisfy with the tea.

What beautiful smile! In the innocence of him, Chu Zhu Yu realized, She gets understanding why the ancient people loves to drink tea and smile while chit chat. So, smiling can makes someone feels drowning.

“As I told you.” She smiles, “ drinking tea, you shouldn’t only drink one type of tea but you must try others types of tea too.”

He lower his head, seems to think of what she said, not long after, he walk at the table side, automatically his hand takes tea pot and pour it to another cup.

Once the tea enter his mouth, the thick scent of sweet giving nice feeling, his body slowly feeling relax after scent the tea. So, the bad mood slowly goes away and changes to be better. Once he finished a cup, he pours another cups and keep on drinking.

Even if she brew delicious tea but he can’t keep on drinking in that way! Chu Zhu Yu dumbly looking, then said “ You… don’t you think you have drank too much?”

“No.” he shook his head. “This is a good tea, after I drink it, I am feeling drowsy, it will make me easy to sleep.” Xiao Zhi eyes seriously stare at Chu Zhu Yu while holding tea cup. He fills with expectation.

“drowsy? Do you have problem with sleeping?” in the middle of silent night. Because of his difficulty to sleep, that’s why he strolling at night and incidentally find her place.

“Hm.. difficult to sleep.” He nodding his head. His hand gently massage his forehead, his brow frown showing the exhausted facial.

In the moment, Chu Zhu Yu looked at Xiao Zhi with pity expression, “Does my tea really makes you drowsy?”

“ The tea that you brew are really different with other people, it give me very comfortable feeling.” It’s indeed very comfortable and making my body feel so relax. Never knew that tea will help to cure the weird sickness.

“So that’s it.” She drown in deep thinking. Father also experienced insomnia before, that time her           mother was still alive, then every night Mother brew a kind of tea for father to make him easy to sleep. For short period of time, Father insomnia was gone. “You wait a~, let me brew another type of tea for you to test.”

She directly makes another new type of tea.

“How?” she looks at him gulping the tea, specially asking him. Long time ago, she brew this type of tea for her father, hoping it will give same effect for him.

“Taste good.”

“Do you have feeling of wanting to sleep?”

“Perhaps, I need to drink couple of cups more.”

So, in the middle of night, one brewing tea and another one drinking tea.

Xiao Zhi drinks couple cups of tea until he feels tired. With half open eyes, he come closer to her and shorten the distance between he and Chu Zhu Yu, close to her waist. Chu Zhu Yu begin to clean up the table.

Xiao Zhi suddenly feel the ooze of tea get into his nose. “Smell good…”

“After drinking the tea, naturally will leave some scent.”

“No!” this kind of scent is not same with the one he drank. But the scent comes from her body, it’s like tea but also not tea, the scent is not heavy but also not too soft, it makes those who smells feel so comfortable. It just give a sensation to keep on smelling the scent, more… and more… he really can’t help it, he come closer to her, wanting to scent more and more.

Chu Zhu Yu body stiffen, this posture gesture really…too…too.. equivocal. The most exaggerated is, his head, become very closer to her body, finally he hugs her.

“Hey! You, you, you, you should know that the man and woman are different!” even he is type of rare beautiful man she could meet, but still his attitude is unacceptable a~! Chu Zhu Yu thinking to push him down.

But her hands has been lock up by his broad chest while her waist has tightly hugged by him. And suddenly he dragged her into his arm.

“So soft.” He murmured. “it won’t loosen.”

Please! he just saying her fat! She thinks to give him cold glance and pointing his eyebrow but she is hugged by him and no way she could do so.

“Hugging you like this is so comfortable.” He drown to drowsiness.

“Hey! Hey! Don’t hug la!” she rejected. But it’s useless.

Chu Zhu Yu is trying use up all her energy to push him down.

Once she pushed, no reaction.

Trying once more, still same, no reaction.

Third time she pushed him, there is slightly a reaction but the result is he hugged her tighter and directly goes straight to her wooden bed.


The wooden bed is sustained two person weight. Clearly it’s really dangerous.

“You wake up ah! Don’t press my body!” she makes loud noise. Frankly speaking she is unmarried girl.

“You really loud!” he frown his eyebrow very dissatisfied because he is in state of getting sleepy, now she is making noises near his ear.

“Hey! If you still won’t get up, I will shout and called people ah! Till that time, I will say you intruded to general residence’s maid room. This won’t be simple accusation.”

“I won’t get any accusation, accompany me to sleep, and don’t make noises.” He is half-sleeping, that frowning eyebrow also disappeared and his facial expression changed to clear crystal. Compare to the first time she saw, it very different. He, at this time makes Chu Zhu Yu as if get into confusion falling to demon world and give a sense being sucked by his evil charm.

Beauty trick! Beauty trick!

Does this count as getting into beauty scheme?

She hardly to swallow her saliva, stuck between the “innocence” and beauty, She still choosing to be clear innocence and during that time she really forget the reason why she entered the general residence. Doesn’t she want to lose the virginity and have baby?

“Whatever, you are not allowed to hug me, moreover you are prohibited to say wanted  that you want me to company you sleep, I am not your…”

“Really not obedient.” Xiao Zhi mumbling. Lift his finger and acupuncture Chu Zhu Yu’s lower body point.

Instantly, she is not able to speak moreover her body can’t move.

Oh my Holy God, is it what they called as martial art? This person who drank so many cups of her tea, the beautiful man who crazily want to hug her, is he someone from martial art world?

Finally Chu Zhu Yu feels this is the most contretemps “moment” that happened to her. In the deep silent night, her body is pressing by the stranger, a pair of hand tightly hugging her, and his head resting on her. Every centimeter of his body is sticking into her body only separate by their clothes and she could even feel the warmth of his body temperature.

The most and most contretemps is, he just…sleeps in that way! So what should she do? Should she stay in this state till the morning comes?

she really wasted her sympathy towards him, let him to drink her tea and at the end she got this kind of “deed” from him! This is the first time Chu Zhu Yu experiences crying without dropping tears.



11 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉)3.2

  1. haahaaaa…poor zhu yu…have to make the tea..feeling insult with the need to sleep?kahkahkah,,,really love this story…thank…

  2. hi! thank you for the translation. suteki’s recommendation brought me to your blog. i’m happy to have another funny, romantic c-novel to read. again, many thanks. will look forward to more chapters and more fun! i think seducing the general won’t be difficult for zhu yu. there’s already lots of skinships between the two. she need only to feed him with tea mixed with some aphrodisiac and this general’s abstinence will fly out of the window. hahaha…

    1. hi inno!
      thank you for stopping by.
      when two naive meet, the simple things become very complicated and hard to do. it will reveal why Zhu Yu really hard to seduce the general 😀

  3. Thank you for the translation. I never expect that the general would be a ‘beauty’ because of those rumour about how great he is in war.

    1. Hi luna,
      Thanks for stopping by…
      Yes, the general is one of the “beauty”. He might be afraid but he also one the funny character and very naive. There still many funnier scene in the next next next post

  4. “she really forget the reason why she entered the general residence. Doesn’t she want to lose the virginity and having baby?” – I was thinking the same thing when I read she was trying to fight off his advances LOL

  5. She was only offering her tea not her body. LOL!

    I’m having trouble posting. Hope this one gets thru.

    Thanks for this chapter.

  6. Thank you very much!
    Ah, oh my—-that’s so adorable! Bonding time while drinking tea, nice nice! ahaha! Definitely a favourite chapter!

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