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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 4

Updated: 24 May 2017
Translator : Azurro

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Chapter 4 The Maids

Early in the morning, the noiseless General’s residence, suddenly fall into uproar, the Head House Keeper, Xiao Ren almost flipping the entire house.

“What? You guys haven’t seen the General?” Head House keeper Xiao glaring one by one the maid-servant in general residence. He only thinks that something bad might have happened to his General.

Yesterday night, he clearly saw the General in his room, but why this morning not even the shadow of General has been seen? Inside the residence all the servants and maids have been asking for several times, once he thought the possibility of his master being in danger, Xiao Ren felt cold sweat came out from his body.

If something bad happened to his Master, won’t the court be in problems? After all his Master hold the military force. This isn’t a joke.

“Liu Xiao Wei1], you say regarding this matter…” Xiao Ren turned his head embarrassedly while looking at Liu Shan, who is one of the important subordinate served under General. Liu Shan himself is also a regular visitor of General residence.

“Perhaps the General just went out.” Liu Shan didn’t panic as Xiao Ren.

“It’s impossible, the guard who watches the residence didn’t see the general went out.”

“General has very high martial art skill, he might have secretly gone out from residence by flying through the wall.”

“If General was really going out, he always walks out through the residence’s door.” Said Xiao Ren. “Moreover, Officer Liu, do you think the general will going out his own residence by flying through wall secretly?”

“This…” Liu Shan crazily sweating.

“Officer Liu, how about we make a report?” Xiao Ren suggested.

“Make a report? To which court?”

Xiao Ren head aching, the normal military court will handle the missing people, but he worried there will be none of them who dares take the case, “The general is second rank officer, if it should be reported, it should be report…”

The words haven’t finished but the Master of the residence has shown his shadow to and fro their eyes.

“General!” Xiao Ren called with worrying voice, His tears seems be falling.

“What’s matter?” Xiao Zhi turned his head, His face is filled with smile.

Xiao Ren and Liu Shan secretly swallowing their saliva, is general smiling? This few days the bad mood general is… smiling!

“Just now, this lowly didn’t see the general inside the room, we have been searching general in every corner.” Xiao Ren Said .

“Oh, I was randomly strolling around the residence.” Xiao Zhi walking inside his room and ordering Xiao Ren : “Call the kitchen to bring the breakfast.”

“Yes.” Xiao Ren obediently answered then he starts to be busy.

Then leaving only Liu Shan alone to accompany the general and starts to observe Xiao Zhi aura.

To be honest, he really feeling rare to see his superior smiling in such way, usually, this kind of smiles just prove that the general is in good mood, such as winning in the battle field. Other than that he never sees the general smile in such way. Or else…

Liu Shan slowly being sensed by Xiao Zhi through his eyes sight, his pale expression changed calm.

“Have you slept well, general?” He asked.

“Hm, it has been such long time not sleeping very comfort.” Xiao Zhi sitting on chair, A string of beads slipping out from his hand to his palm. Gently pitching it.

That shiny glossy turquoise beads, moist in his palm, brilliance.

Sleep till awake and the acupuncture point simply opened up.

Chu Zhu Yu for the hundred and eight times cursing the beautiful man whose name she didn’t know, he acupuncture her, even hugging and slept with her last night. Even at the end, she woke up dizzily, waiting till she gained her conscious, her body moves freely, but… but… the pain is extremely bad.

While the culprit has been disappeared, depriving her no chance to make the report to court.

The yard has been swept half, Chu Zhu Yu saw, not far from her, a few maids were gossiping.

The ones who was gossiping is Tao Jie, who has been working in general residence for about two years, and who listened the gossip are few new maids who are working in general residence at same time with Chu Zhu Yu.

“Tao Jie ah~, is this general easy to meet? I have been here for days but I never see the general.” A maid who appearance cute is asked.

Chu Zhu Yu really wants to know the answer, and she quickly moves to make her ears closer.

“This two years, I did saw him few times from very distant way, do you guys think general is really good-looking?” Tao Jie laughed.

“I saw the general.” Another maid who has tall posture said, “once when I was on street, from far far away when he passed by, riding horse.”

“So, it is true that the general really good looking as those folks said?”

“Yes ah, yes ah, General really good looking?”

“He absolutely good looking.” The tall posture maid’s face is faint-blushing red, “The general wore the Armor on his body wasn’t same with those martial art people, he is decent, his gestures are similar to immortal.

Oh? Didn’t know how to compare to last night good looking man, who is more beautiful? Chu Zhu Yu wondering in her mind.

From the conversations of the maids, all of them showing the hoping expression, till Tao Jie heavily sighed, “you guys already entered the general residence, just peacefully become the maid, don’t think just entering the general residence, you guys can come closer to the general. If lucky, been seen and like by the general, perhaps it easy to elevate the status. Aiya, This Xiao Zhi general won’t be easy to fall in love with ordinary women. This few years ago, there was a maid who thought she possess beautiful looks, in the middle of night running into the general room, the result…”

“What the result?”

“Being hit by the general till went out the door, breaking some of her bones was her luck already.”

Gu Lu(types of voices made by hen or pigeon)!

Chu Zhu Yu hardly swallowing her saliva to her throat, it seems sneaking into the general’s room in the middle at night won’t work.

“Since they said the general only used little of his martial art, if not, that maid might have died.” Tao Jie with very pity tone said : “ She was fine girl, because of moment delusion, got such of result, even the broken bone are healed but still it might hard to move, in the future how can she get married!”

All the maid are showing dumbstruck expression. Chu Zhu Yu is no exception, even though she really wants to have a baby, but she won’t sacrifice herself till breaking all her bones.

“Does general martial art really… that good?”

“It absolutely high martial art. I heard from the head of house keeper, this general martial art is well known as one of the best in the world.” Tao Jie spoke seriously from the bottom of her heart. “General isn’t an ordinary man, his thought no one really can guess, anyway, all of us are just working the best we can, according to our own work.”

“Yes.” All the maid answered dissatisfied.

Chu zhu Yu feels as if there is a dark cloud hanging on her head, will she still be able turn back and run to the next door of Kang’s residence?

General Wants to Hug and Sleep is posted and translated only for  Do not make a copy of the translations in pdf or any other distributable format! All forms of reproduction, redistribution, or reposting are not authorized. If you are not reading this from, then this translation has been taken without permission of the translator.



1] 校 Xiao 尉 Wei : Military Officer, this is one of official position in Military during ancient time. It also an important (influential) position in Military Force. Sometimes it can called as ‘Field Military Officer’.



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  1. I wonder what her reaction would be once she finds out the handsome man who hugged her all night was the general lol, Don’t run just get Chu Zhu, Xiao Zhi general wouldn’t have the heart to break your bones.

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