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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉)5.2

Chapter 5 Rapist

Part 2 (Two)

Grammatical check by: Jiya

“Why you looking at me in that way?” Xiao Zhi takes a glance to Chu Zhu Yu, slightly narrowing his eyes.

She suddenly remembered something after being watching him.

“Who are you?”

“Don’t you know who I am?” He was bit surprised looking at her.

She rolled her eyes. He never told her, how on earth she knows. Frankly speaking, the status and someones background is identified from the bright color they wear. Only monks and guards will wear black clothes.

Two times she met him, he wore black thinking about it, he might be a guard. Chu Zhu Yu guessed his status.

He thought for a moment and moved his head “Jue Qing, you can call me Jue Qing.”

Geez… She doesn’t have any interest in knowing his name, but who could tell her, how the situation turned to be like this?

This time when he finished his tea, she directly and straight forwardly asked him to go back.

But who know he is hugging on her and directly bought her to bed, saying that by hugging her he will be able to sleep. Does he think she is a toy?

“Let me go!” Chu Zhu Yu widely opened her eyes, even though he only hugged her, even they are still wearing the clothes, but—- “Hey, don’t you know if you act like this I can make report to the court!”

“No one in the court will take the report.” He doesn’t even loosen his hand.

“How can you be so sure?”

“Whatever it is, I am really sure.” He is absolutely confident, half of his body already lying on her bed.

“Only you, who is so soft hugging others my hand always loosens up. Very soft body, compared to other women, yours is different.”

Based on what he said, makes her on fire, “Did you hug many people before?”

“It’s not like too many. Only a few before.”

“…….” Perhaps he is recidivist! “You can’t sleep by hugging onto me! If someone sees, how they would think about me? Let say if I get drown by them and become a ghost, I won’t let you off!” Chu Zhu Yu threatened him. But with his soft voice, all the “fierce” atmosphere destroyed.

“No one will dare drown you.” His head is closer to her shoulder near armpit. Desperately, he wanted to smell the  radiating scent from her body which mixed between tea scent and her body fragrances. “This is so weird, as long as I am hugging onto you, it eases me to get a sleep.”

“Even though you are not hugging me, you still can sleep!” she gives him her fist, pressing to his body but he felt it as if a massage. Xiao Zhi slept even more comfortably, until he sense Chu Zhu Yu facial expression darken.

“Can’t sleep.” He tries to close his eyes and rub his head in her chest, “For other people, sleeping is very easy thing to do but for me, it is real hard thing to do. Even when my mind is blank, I stop thinking for moment still, I am very sober.”

That kind of feeling no one ever understand, even the court doctor, Doctor Yu who came and made diagnosis and giving treatment for him, didn’t heal his sickness.

“Shi Fu, why the others are so easy to get sleep while I hardly can sleep.” When he was fifteen years old he asked his Shi Fu (teacher/sensei), that person is the famous Zen master, Hui Wu.

“There is a thing, for those which is hard to accomplish but for you it really piece of cake.” Hui Wu Shi Fu calmly said : “Jue Qing, as human there is time we lose and also have time gain something, losing and gaining is very natural.”

During that time he had thought for seven days full.

“Even though I want to exchange all my possession with what ordinary people have for example sleep, I can’t do it.” Xiao Zhi said. Maybe the way he said, there is slightly gentle sorrow tone in his voice, gradually Chu Zhu Yu stopped struggling from him.

“Do you know? There was a time I broke my own hand, just wanted to know, whether I could sense the pain or not so I could get unconscious and sleep.”

She felt as if there was something heavy pressed on her, “ And then?”

“Still not able to sleep, even if I hit until it broke, I was still conscious.” He hugged her even tighter.

“Which one… of the hand broke?” Chu Zhu Yu wanted to know.

“Do you want to know?” Xiao Zhi lifting his head, looking at her.

His black hair moves and slowly slipped to back of his shoulder, cheeks, the forehead which strands of hair obscured his eyes, for moment, she wants to act impulsive by putting away those hair and see his pair of eyes.

“Want… to know.” She licking her dry lips.

“It was left hand.” He smiles.

She gazed to his left hand which is being blocked by his sleeves, see nothing that is unusual, “Does it still hurt?”

“Doesn’t hurt anymore. It has been healed for long time.” He comes closer and stick his face to her, “Do you know? At time when I drank your tea, kinds of scent on your body which makes my body relax after smelling it, at the moment I realized, hugging on you makes me drowsy and want to sleep, you have no idea how happy I am.”

That kind of happiness no word could describe since then, he feels like he is been born again, or like finding the most valuable treasure, searching without ending but accidentally found it. Now he understands the original treasure actually really easy to obtain.

“Zhu Yu, you should stay beside me always company me sleep, won’t you?” he murmured softly, his eyes was actually hazy. The way he spoke once sounding like a commanded, once sounded expecting and last beseech.

This… how can she agree! Chu Zhu Yu wanted to refuse. But, looking at his eyes, no words came out from her mouth…



25 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉)5.2

    1. Me too ^.^
      This novel is fun and addicted in it’s own way.
      I am thinking to pick another book but still don’t know which one, since I haven’t find suitable ones that I could stick in….

  1. LOLed at Zhu Yu. The answer to her problems is right in front of her eyes but she still isn’t taking advantage of it haha & it’s a beautiful solution too.

  2. Finally i got something good to read 😀
    thnks for translation…
    thanks for the quick update…i really enjoy this story haha…

  3. the truth won’t be revealed until later, no wonder he didn’t say that he is Xiao Zhi. but its ok, our Zhu Yu needs time from annoyed -> pity -> love

  4. Thank you very much!
    Ah—! -sobs- i’m so touched for him, but also very sad! I’m sad cause he has to face this trial, but i’m really touched that he’s honest with her, and finally found the one he’s looking for! Fate!!

  5. Sweet,,,so sweet
    This chapter is light but a lot of meaning
    How he said about his sleeping problem and how she respond and try to comfort him,,
    Huwaaa,,,makes me melt,,,
    Thank you ^^

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