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C-Novel Intro : 名门老公太腹黑 Black Belly Husband

I am currently read some new novel. one of it is, 名门老公太腹黑 the black belly husband. it hasn’t ended. I myself only read the synopsis and the prologue.

I think the novel is interesting because it got 8.5 stars out from ten.

So, let me share the synopsis and the prologue…
please let me know what do you think about the novel…


Before dating, She asked : ” are you boring?”
He said : “Why don’t you give a try?”
After dating, she asked : ” why me?”He said : “because you are in this world and only me the person who loves you the most.
after breaking up for three years, she asked : “Director Gu, what is the recent arrangement of work?
He said: “Starting brand new chasing you, moves you, marrying you and bring you home.

(don’t wasting time, if really love then together, together till death to apart us)


The sun shines brightly, as if piercing the sky, hit into the countless skyscrapers building, dazzling the eyes with it’s gorgeous light.

In the center of the city, a luxury sport car parked in front of Lang Mu hotel which is one of the most exclusive hotel in the area. The young lady opened the door on the driver’s seat, an elegant up, she hands out the car’s key to the bell boy. The young lady wears sun glasses, her corner lips lift up showing the smiling gesture, black long hair, she dresses in black short skirt, matches to her black high heels, her body is slender and slim, her estranged expression give a sense of capable and experience feeling.

She is the current general manager of Lang Mu corporate, Mo Yi Yun, and also the fiancée of the current president director, Gu Chen Han.

Mo Yi Yun walking inside the hotel, removing her sun glasses, showing her face, delicate smoky make up, smooth glossy lips, her estranged expression makes people afraid to get closer. All the employees who work in here are know that Mo Yi Yun is types of the most beautiful lady but her cold expression, gives a distance. Her working ability strong, it could say that half success of the Lang Mu corporate is done by her. She treats the employees good, that’s why even people afraid of her they also don’t hate her.

Mo Yi Yun doesn’t directly go to 30th floor as usually by elevator but she straightly goes to the first floor room. But she stopped to the auditorium which can accommodate about forty people, her lips lift.

Followed by her assistant at her back, she startled because if Mo Yi Yun shows this kind of smile it means someone might be in problem.

Mo Yi Yun slightly move her head, her assistant understand, turn back her body and get out. Mo Yi Yun pushed open the door, inside the room there are voices and laughter cease abruptly. Dozens of pair eyes are looked at her, doubted and shocked.

At this moment, the first table woman who dresses in pale yellow yarn skirt stand up, walking few step toward Mo Yi Yun, very naturally hanging her hand to her arm, said in front all of people : “ This is Mo Yi Yun ah! The person who you guys called as Ice Block, Mo Yi Yun!”

The height of the woman is shorter than Mo Yi Yun, beautiful, very cheerful, matching with Mo Yi Yun.

Everyone is surprised, after few stood up, more and more people stand up, walking in front of Mo Yi Yun.

“Zhao Man, are you sure this is ice block?” said someone by looking at Mo Yi Yun, glancing at Zhao Man as if saying “you lying”.

Zhao Man rolled her eyes to that person, outstretched her finger pointing at Mo Yi Yun said: “This perfect lady who looks a like goddess, isn’t little bit even look alike Mo Yi Yun? You blind?”

Once the word split out, people laughing. That year, the favorite word of Mo Yi Yun was “are you blind?” with Mo Yi Yun elegance and her despises expression, slightly makes people feel sense of cold, onces it became rumor and trend among them.

Zhao Man pulled Mo Yi Yun sitting on first table, sit beside her.

Finally everyone come closer and surrounded Mo Yi Yun, rushes asking many question to her. Mo Yi Yun—answered all, her smile face represent that she is so dearly.

“Why Tao Hua hasn’t come?” one person among the surrounded people asking, it obviously intended.

Obviously, this topic really get everyone interest, one by one asking. Mo Yi Yun smiles, raised her left hand, a diamond ring in her middle finger, everyone shut up their mouth, startled.

“I’m engaged, later on don’t talk about him anymore.” Mo Yi Yun puts down her hand, she winked seriously. Everyone understand to stop the topic.

Zhao Man can’t hide her curiosity expression, grabbing Mo Yi Yun hand, carefully to observe the shiny brilliance diamond ring, said : “ who is so dare marry you? Is he immortal?”

Mo Yi Yun smiles widely, “Gu Chen Han, Mr Gu.”

Zhao Man raised her head looking at Mo Yi Yun, her mouth half close half open, “Mr. Gu? That year the abnormal person?”

Mo Yi Yun said : “ He just splendid.”

“ Is he Lang Mu president director?” didn’t know who asking this words, Mo Yi Yun smiles and avoid the topic said : “How many people hasn’t come?”

Zhao Man understood, she stands up and counted all the people. Counting for a while, finally she gives up, stamped her foot, “Anyway, it only leaving few!”

“I am sorry to disturb, I am looking for my fiancée.” A man said, everyone is curious about the man voice and looked toward the man. Mo Yi Yun stands up, smiling and walking to the side of the man who wearing a black suit.

“Chen Han, how can you come?”

Gu Chen Han didn’t speak until he hugged Mo Yi Yun, he greet everyone : “Classmate, what’s up!”

Gu Chen Han indeed really good looking, his smiles has something that can capture everyone heart. From his looks to his capability, no word than perfect, he is type women dream of. Even from previous time until today, he is such way, no differences that why Zhao Man said he abnormal.

Zhao Man might has accustomed, that’s why not too startled like others, very calm, patting Gu Chen Han shoulder : “I know big miss Mo Yi Yun is hard to handle, as her best friend, I really pity you. But, if you don’t take a good care of her, I will let her leaving you and married me!”

Gu Chen Han mouth twitching, Mo Yi Yun no reaction. Zhao Man always like this, once she speaking, all her words always dumbfounded and startled people.

“Yi Yun, if she letting me to serve her, it will be my honor.” Gu Chen Han lower his head looking at Mo Yi Yun smiles, eyes filled with warmth.

“k eke ke!” Zhao Man makes fake cough sound, looked strange to someone standing behind Gu Chen Han.

“seems I have missing something.” A man with similar height and wearing suit walking, passing Mo Yi Yun and Gu Chen Han front. His face smiles looked at Gu Chen Han, but his smile isn’t sincerely smile more to competing types smile.

At moment, the atmosphere change to be awkward, a man who stand among them suddenly said : “aiya! Tao Hua! You still used to be late!”

Without any understanding, gazing to Mo Yi Yun face, chilling eye sight, coldly said : “not bad!”

Mo Yi Yun bite her lip tight, doesn’t say anything, she just hugging Gu Han Chen arm tighter.

“Okay! Okay! Everyone take your seat back, we going to look photos! Faster! Faster! All sit down!” Zhao Man pushing Tao Hua to sit next to her, while she alone rushing to the stage.

Everyone sitting. Doesn’t know whether it accidentally or not, the seat near Tao Hua is empty. Tao Hua reaching the wine glass, gently shaking, then he said : you are someone who not belong to ours world, please leave this place.” All of people know whom he means.

Mo Yi Yun eyes sight is so cold, her hands tighter hug to Gu Chen Han’s hand, and then snapped her finger, she asking her assistant who immediately appear in front her.

“go and take two seats.” Then, Mo Yi Yun looked Tao Hua, “we are sitting here.”

Very fast, two seats has taken. Two person sitting, Tao Hua angry face and his eyes show resentment.

The light on the room off, changes with dimmer light.

Voice : “our story is starting from….”

I haven’t finish this novel not even the first chapter but the prologue just “intriguing”. The novel itself still on going so I don’t know how the end will be.

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