My Purchased For Korean Products October 2014

Finally my long-awaited package came.
It arrived this morning.

So let check what “junkies” I have :

Medan Polonia-20140916-01661Secret Key Mask sheet.

Secret Key SYN-AKE wrinkle mask pack that containing the patented blend of peptides, similar to the structure of snake venom, this pack improves wrinkle or inelastic skin.

To be honest I just realized this secret key mask is contain something similar to snake venom which kinda scary.

I purchased it a dozen =.=”

Medan Polonia-20140916-01660Secret Key snail EGF repairing mask pack

this mask pack is not less scary than the first one and I, very stupid purchased it dozen. as much as the SYN-ake.

So, I got dozen snake venom and snail pack.

Medan Polonia-20140916-01663Secret Key starting treatment essence

so this product is the well-know as SK II copy cat so does missha revolution. gonna make the review next…

IMG_20140930_00134431Etude OMG whitening cream for the black spot.

Just curious with this product since it said could brighten the dark area in body.

20140924_230442samples I got… some has been distributed to my friends this is the rest. There is no really new product that worth to try and I don’t think make a review from the samples since most of samples product had been reviewed by me, such as Baking powder cleanser foam, etc.

I also purchased OST serum vitamin C serum (forget to take pict)
wonderpore refreshner 500ml 5sets since sale (ahahahahaaha)

Innisfree eco liptint (friend)
Skin food apple fresh sets(friend)

3CE fabrican mist (5 variant)


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