The Basic : Arabic Alphabet

“Learning is the process of Life, Growing, Maturing.
Never stop Learning as long as you live”

So, today I want to share little about my knowledge in Arabic Alphabet. It has been more than a decade since the first time I was introduced with Arabic subject during my school time (grade 1-6). One of advantage studied in Private School, you got learn many things even you might think “Too Much”.

I was learn Malay-Arabic during my school time when I was in primary school (grade1-6). It was additional subject that given by school and it compulsory for all the student to study the subject (out from races, ethnicity, religion issues).

Let’s begin with the most basic ones : Alphabets
The Arabic has 28 letters plus additional 6 letters, which written from right to left. the writing style is curving (it stroke but really different compare to the Chinese or Korean or Japanese)

Malay-Arabic doesn’t have any vocal letter such as :A E I O U alike the English or Indonesia. Malay-Arabic alphabet usually called as “alif-alif”

Since Malay-Arabic doesn’t have any vocal, it borrow from three loan – letter : Alif (ا), Wau (و) and Ya (ي) which usually put above the others letters for the vocal pronunciation.

Here the Alphabets table :

Simple example of Malay-Arabic writing:

Abah =>ا+ب+ا+ء
alif +ba +alif +hamzah that’s how the “abah” word being created. In Malay, Abah means father.
Abah (اباء)

Kawan =>ك+ ا+و+ا+ن
Kaf + alif + wau + alif + nun that’s how the “kawan” word being created. In Malay, Kawan means friend.
If you looked in detail, you might find out that hamzah word is missing something inside it. actually when It combined, some of the word might change. that’s why the Arabic has three contextual forms when it comes to writing such as : initial, medial and final.


2 thoughts on “The Basic : Arabic Alphabet

  1. Hello azurro,
    Thanks for your translation works. Regarding the spelling of word abah in jawi, it was supposedly spelled like this (ابه (ا+ب+ه. There are some spelling in jawi that disregard alif to produce the sound ‘a’ just like the spelling for ayah ‘ايه’ which also means father in Bahasa Melayu. The pronunciation of the word you spelled اباء will sound like abak instead of abah. Glad that you are interested in Arabic language. Really love to read your ramblings in your blog. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Sarayuki
      Thanks for correcting me.
      It really over decade ago since I started learn that Arabic language, never flashing back after found my old note book today 😉 So, some of the words has forgotten.
      Sometimes I might mistaken Ba and Nun because the dot(.) position.

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