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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉)7

This chapter would talking more about the politic issues so there won’t be “interaction” between our two leads. Even though this chapter doesn’t talk about Chu Zhu Yu “daily intimate acts” with our general but this chapter is related to the future “love rival” for Chu Zhu Yu.

I hope you enjoy this chapter…

Edited by: Jiya

Chapter 7 The Seventh Prince Comes

to Visit

Xiao Ren has been working for many years in General Residence, it’s really surprisingly to see the general in good mood for straight four days in row.

These days at night the general will go missing but at the second day early in the morning they will see the general walking out from his own room, so he wasn’t as worried  as few days ago when he was panicking to search for him.

Respectfully handing off the invitation card to Xiao Zhi, Xiao Ren lowered his head his eyes carefully observing his master’s expression.

After seeing Xiao Zhi read the invitation card, his face didn’t show any expression.

The person who sent the invitation card was from the court, Seventh Prince. Even the Emperor has chosen his crown prince, but this crown prince has very soft character even if he is one capable and wise person but in the palace court he doesn’t have someone strong to back up, therefore there are several princes preparing to take over and this Seventh Prince is the among princes who has ambition to take the crown prince position.

Seventh Prince in palace court is one of pity friend of Xiao Zhi.

“Xiao Ren, prepare the horse carriage.” Xiao Zhi folded the invitation card, while ordering Xiao Ren.

“Yes.” Xiao Ren obedient to the order, quickly went to prepare.

At the second day, Xiao Zhi was about to have dinner but the coming of Seventh Prince was surprised him. He just to check whether this, Xiao Zhi would volatile or not, since his action is well-known in the palace court. Even the two of them count as best friend, but thinking to pull him to his side isn’t easy.

Xiao xiong (brother Xiao)” Seventh Prince greeted.

“Seventh Prince.” Xiao Zhi politely replied.

After Seventh Prince greeted Xiao Zhi, he sat down and laughed : “As I heard, recently brother Xiao likes to drink tea, so I would like to invite you to tea house for drinking tea.” The Seventh Prince paused as he tried to hit his interest, “This tea house is one of the well-known in the center of Luo Yang city, but as my understanding of brother Xiao, I think you might never went to this tea house.”

That two of them had known each other for more than one or two years, so what type Xiao Zhi temperament has, Seventh Prince knows well. This is a kind of place where the scholars gathered, even though Xiao Zhi wants to come he is lazy to see the crowd.

“Really never went before.” Xiao Zhi calmly said.

The tea house master brings out the best tea set, in front of the Seventh Prince and Xiao Zhi brewed the tea.

This kind of movement while brewing tea Xiao zhi has been seen many times from Chu Zhu Yu, clearly it’s exactly same movement, but he doesn’t think this person knew Chu Zhu Yu. His eyebrow slightly frowned he stared the Master Shi Fu (sensei) who is brewing tea.

Once the Seventh Prince saw Xiao Zhi expression, he hurried asked : “ Is there anything wrong?”

Xiao Zhi pondered but did not answer, the Seventh Prince smelled the scent of tea suddenly come to understand, “ I seem to be forget, Brother Xiao likes to drink Jun Shan Yin Zhen tea.”

After he spoke, Seventh Prince gave a glance to the brewing tea Shi Fu. “ Quickly change the tea to Jun Shan Yin Zhen.”

“Yes, yes, this lowly will quickly change the tea.”After repeatedly bowing his whole body is sweating. If he was not carefully and pissed off these people just by waving hands these people could take his life.

The brewing tea Master prepared and removed the tea, but Xiao Zhi said : “Doesn’t need to discard, drinking won’t give any harm.”

Since the other party said so, the Seventh Prince also not persistent in giving the face. The lowly servant immediately poured the tea in front of Xiao Zhi.

His slender finger picked up the tea cup, Xiao Zhi lower his head to see the yellowish apricot color of tea, the fresh scent of the tea ooze filled his nose.

“What type of tea is it?” He asked.

“Replied to general, this is Bai Hao Yin Zhen tea, this is the form of Jian Zhen tea, because of the white color it called Bao Hao tea. It could refresh the stomach, and gives cooling down effect after taking alcohol.”

Xiao Zhi placed the lid closer to his mouth gently sipping the tea, it is good tea. This Bai Hao Yin Zhen tea had ever been brewed by Chu Zhu Yu for him. He drinks the tea while he is mumble telling himself how difficult and expensive this tea is. Once he sees that rounded face servant was looking afraid, his lip corner lifts and he smiles.

The Seventh Prince looked at the hidden smile of Xiao Zhi, naturally he also gives a smile, giving big reward to the tea Master.

They drinking the tea while discuss the current situation.

Seventh Prince suddenly said : Brother Xiao, do you know what’s the reason I am asking you out?”

“Ng…” Xiao Zhi moving his tea cup, only sneezing. Tea house has been booked by the Seventh Prince, only left with few people who are Seventh Prince confidants. In here he can speak anything, no need to worry about things being leaked out.

Seventh Prince smiled, by using his fingers with the water of tea, he wrote word on the top of the table, a “power”.

Xiao Zhi glanced to the word, asking to the Seventh Prince “Do you want?”

“Of course I want. Which prince don’t want the crown prince position?” since he was little he had desire for power, he only wanted to be stronger than others. The situation right now is that the abolishment of the crown prince is permanent it is going to be sooner or later, if the crown price isn’t abolished and the king passes away, as in fear before the crown prince sit on the thrown he might get killed.

Xiao Zhi didn’t say anything, he was only lazily sitting on his chair pinching the beads on his hand, just letting the time pass.

After a moment, finally the Seventh Prince opened his mouth : “ Based on brother Xiao character, if you don’t have any interest, you won’t interfere on something but you should remember old saying, the people will not bear the sin but the status will.”

Xiao Zhi raised his eyebrow.

Then the Seventh Prince raised his finger and stain it with the tea, writing another word on the table, “army”.

Those who have 1/3 military are able to fight for the throne and also with that much military force, very small possibility to lose.

Xiao Zhi still has the same expression, he is still pinching his beads. After a stick of incense burned out, suddenly he raised his body up, “Time is getting late, I should go back to my residence.”

The Seventh Prince understood, he didn’t stop him, but he only glanced at the cup of tea in the table, “Brother Xiao, does the tea really tastes bad?” before watching him drink the tea, his lips showed smiling gesture but not sure why he only take a sip of tea.

“No one can brew tea better than that person.” He exposed his smile. The Seventh Prince got confused.

After that body’s shadow disappeared in front him, Seventh Prince turned his head and spoke to his guard : “Today, General Xiao Zhi smiled twice?

“Yes. Two times.” Seventh Prince guard replied.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am so sure.”

Is there anything good happening to Xiao Zhi that Seventh Prince didn’t know? No wonder what Seventh Prince was thinking of it.



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  1. ahhhhh;….thanks for update..keekeee…Chu Zhu Yu ‘love rival”???kekeeee…awww…i miss they so called “interaction”..

  2. Thank you for quick translation. BTW, I’m not sure who can be Chu Zu Yu’s love rival as no girls appear in this chapter.

  3. Thanks a lot!
    Ah, interesting! But i loved the moments where xiao zhi was judging the person brewing the tea! “Zhu yu does it better” ahaha! So adorable!

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