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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 8.1

Finally I managed to make the chapter 8 part 1.

So sorry for late up date, I have problem with the internet provider and also recently I am playing too much with my blog settings ;()
some post suddenly protected or disappearing. really sorry :s for the “inconvenient”

Edited by : Jiya

Chapter 8 Going Out From The Residence

Part 1 (One)

Wearing very simple cloth combing the hair with very simple braid, taking the opportunity when the general residence not really guarded because afternoon-break, Chu Zhu Yu was sneaking out from the general residence through back door.

Her hands carefully opened the knob of the door, at the time she ready to go out, suddenly a very familiar voice called her….

“What are you doing?”

Chu Zhu Yu body stiffen slowly turn her head it turns out to be the person who come every night to her room and sleep in her bed.

“Aren’t you imperial guard? Why are you here?” She furiously glared at him after she asking him.

Xiao Zhi hands rounded in the center of his chest very calmly he looked at Chu Zhu Yu.

Being looked at for some time she winked her eyes desperately because she feels guilty. Standing too long in here they will be found out by people. Until the time, even she wants to stay it will difficult. Once she thinks about it, she uses very soft voice, “I tell you something but you should swear you won’t say it to anyone.”

“Okay.” He agreed.

Chu Zhu Yu moved so close to Xiao Zhi until her face was an inch away from him, she spoke with very low and soft voice : “ I want to go out.”

Because of her close distance her breath was reaching him he feels the air turn to be hot near his ear. It’s a strange feeling, a sense of numb.

“Where are you going?”

“To Avalokitesvara temple.” She spoke softly, looking at his clueless expression, she tries to explain : “Today is the Avalokitesvara birthday, I… anyhow, I am Buddhist devotee, naturally I need to go for praying.”

After she spoke, she touched him “You can’t say to anyone.” She looked at Xiao Zhi.

He thought for a moment and said : “Okay, but…”

“But what?”

“I also want to go.”

What, OMG!

Even after the two person walking in the street, Chu Zhu Yu haven’t finished murmuring, why did the imperial guard job seems to be so relax? Very easy to sneak out? Once she thinks again of the hardship she goes through for slipping out in this afternoon, she had to finish all the job at the morning and bribe some maids, to show how she really is persistent to go out.

At the bustling street of Luo Yang, Chu Zhu Yu is finally relieved she has been in general residence for days during the time she lived in her house she told her father that she went to buy tea leaves. From here walking to two more street that’s her tea house, if there was no person standing next to her she really wants to see her tea house.

“What are you thinking?” Xiao Zhi asking Chu Zhu Yu  because she seems not focus. Just now, her face shown little sadness expression he dislikes to see her with that kind of expression. He likes to see her laughing expression.

“No, nothing.” She shook her head. They stopped the horse carriage in front of the temple.

This avalokitesvara temple is filled with stick of incest that being burned non-stop, it’s so crowded. Chu Zhu Yu pulling Xiao Zhi and penetrate his body stays close to her, alike the tea time. They haven’t even gotten close to the temple’s door Chu Zhu Yu is already sweating all over her body.

“Extremely tired. Never thought there will this many people.” She wiped her sweat. She was surprised to see the person next to her, has no changes, the breath is stable, his forehead has not even one bead of sweat, “How come you’re not sweating?”

“Is it weird?” he even asked.

This… perhaps everybody has different body types, Chu Zhu Yu is staring at people who are forcing one another in order to enter the temple desperately said : “ So many people, don’t know how long we will have to wait to enter the temple.”

“Do you really want to enter?” he bent down and looked at her.

“Of course. Coming here to pray to Avalokitesvara, not entering how is it called praying ah~?” moreover today is the birthday of Avalokitesvara as folk said, during this time praying to Avalokitesvara is the best time. Once she thinks, suddenly Chu Zhu Yu cheek turned red.

“If you want to get in, actually it’s so easy.” He said.


“Right, just like this.” Xiao Zhi illustrated, he straightened up his body walking to the crowd.

Chu Zhu Yu is blinking her eyes her mouth opens wider and wider. That black shadow moves as fast as wind very simply passing over the crowd till he reached the temple door, those people suddenly stopped moving as if their body was set up.

It wasn’t set up! But they were acupunctured by him.

Then she saw him standing right in front the temple door waving to her and said : “Now it’s easier for you to enter the temple.”

This is not about easy or not easy to enter the temple, but…Chu Zhu Yu is being slander by those who were acupunctured by Xiao Zhi. Suddenly she realized her understanding to Jue Qing (aka Xiao Zhi) is too little. “You faster release their acupuncture point!” she said when she arrived in front.

“Really want to release?”

“Of course, If you don’t release it, there will be a big accommodation!” thinking about hundred of people standing in front of the temple without moving, it will attract the officer’s to come.

“So what?” he doesn’t seems to care.

“Whatever it is you should release the acupuncture point of these people.” She angrily stared him.

“Are you angry?” he glanced at her and got confused.
Chu Zhu Yu uses her energy and nodding her head.

“I did as you asked for, why you angry?”she wants to enter faster to the temple, so he acupunctured all of the people in order to make her easier to enter the temple, so she doesn’t need to jostle with the people, but why doesn’t show show any happy expression as he expected?


14 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 8.1

    1. Me too.
      The general indeed very naive and funny but he could be someone very scary. even seventh prince needs to be very careful when talking with him.

      The funny things come out whenever he with Zhu Yu.

  1. Reading this chapter, I’m suddenly very glad that the general has CZU in his life now. Although he had a shi fu, he really needs someone who can treat him normally and call him out on his behavior.

    Lol. Now that I think about it — why do I get the impression that it was his shi fu who told him to kiss a woman to get her to do what he wants. What kind of shi fu did he have? I hope we’ll get to meet him/her at some point.

    Thanks again!!!

  2. can it be considered as their first date??
    i like this chapter that shows our General’s reaction from his closeness with Zhu Yu,.. he is so naive but it is cute 😀

  3. I know it’s been a while since the chapter has been done, but I have to point out this weird sentence :
    This avalokitesvara temple is filled with stick of [incest] that non-stop being burned…

    It’s a bit disturbing when you first read it. XD

  4. Thanks a lot—-!
    Ah, lol, she’s sneaking out! Xiao zhi—-! ah, well, he was probably not taught about these things, eh…? Or never experienced it, more like..!

  5. This avalokitesvara temple is filled with stick of [incest] that being burned non-stop, it’s so crowded. The correct spelling is ‘incense’.
    Incense – a gum, spice, or other substance that is burned for the sweet smell it produces.
    Incest – having sexual intercourse with one’s own parent, child, sibling, or grandchild.
    I can stand other spelling mistakes but please change this XD

  6. Hahaha,,,
    The end of this chapter makes me want to laugh hard,,,
    Its just so naive thinking…
    This general is so simple minded,,,
    I love it how they interact and chat no another,,,,
    Thank you ^^

  7. Hi azzuro… maybe this will help u a little.

    This avalokitesvara temple is filled with stick of incest that being burned non-stop, it’s so crowded.

    Not incest but incense.

    Of course, If you don’t release it, there will be a big accommodation!

    And not accommodation but a commotion.

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