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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 8.2

I really did it!
I finished the part 2 of chapter 8

At the time you guys reading this Translation, I might having late lunch +Dinner in one package XD XD XD

The second part of the chapter 8 will about how Zhu Yu “educate” our general how to use his martial art in proper and good way. and Zhu Yu wishes to Avalokitesvara that heard by Xiao Zhi and makes our general asking “why”, “what” and “who”….

From this chapter eight part two to the rest chapters, it clearly that general mood is heavily affected by how Zhu Yu acts, Zhu Yu say and even Zhu Yu mood might cause the general mood worse than the ladies “monthly friend”, ahahahaahahah

Chapter 8 Going Out From The Residence

Part 2 (Two)

“Martial art isn’t suppose to be used like this!” Chu Zhu Yu  is planning to “educate” him slowly. So, in  future he won’t do such things. “Your martial art perhaps are very good, but you can’t use your martial art for your selfishness and hurt others.” Even… he did it for her.

Xiao Zhi lower his head and looked closely at Chu Zhu Yu “educating” expression. So far there is no one who dares to speak like that to him, maybe they see him as someone scary, who could determine people lives by waving his hand. That’s why most of the time people are afraid of him or very timid in front of him.

In this world people who are not scare of him are really really  few.

Never thought she is one of those few. Zhu Yu, his precious treasure….

“I like the way you told me.” He abruptly said.

“Hah?” Chu Zhu Yu stunned, she spoke for such long time but he only replied her that way without any repentance.

“You aren’t afraid of me, very good.” His finger tips gently cross her cheek.

While she is dumbstruck standing, his finger tip crossed her cheek, her face felt kind of “hot” and turned red.

Although, Xiao Zhi didn’t spend much time to release the acupuncture point of those people, but they are so furious after being released, that’s why Chu Zhu Yu pulled Xiao Zhi inside of the temple.

Luckily people inside the temple didn’t know what happen outside the temple, so both of them safely prayed in front of avalokitesvara.

The sculpture of the avalokitesvara was very peaceful standing in the altar, even if it was ruckus outside but Avalokitesvara (goddess of mercy) please help him (her) to maintain the equanimity.

Kind, dignified, elegant, only these words can describe Avalokitesvara, her smiling face could get rid the suffering of the world.

Chu Zhu Yu loosened her clutch on Xiao Zhi’s hand, reverently kneeling in front of the Avalokitesvara, she said : “Zhu Yu female Buddhist devotee, pleading to the merciful Avalokitesvara to give me a baby, I will take the responsible to be the parent as mother and father, will be teaching good…” a child, only one child, a child who will follow her surname, on that way, her tea house will be protected, father also can retire early.

After praying, she burned incense stick and finally walked out of the temple with Xiao Zhi.

Going out from Avalokitesvara temple, Chu Zhu Yu was thinking the fastest way how she can pregnant while Xiao Zhi face looked so gloomy.

He looked askance with gloomy facial toward her, suddenly asked her : “You came to the temple, to ask for a child?”

“Ah!” Chu Zhu Yu shocked, at the moment her mind blank and then she said : “You were eavesdropping on my conversation with Avalokitesvara?”


“So, how could you know?”

“I learned martial art.” He replied. His hearing ability is sharper compare to the ordinary people.

Chu Zhu Yu biting her lip, “So whatever you heard, you shouldn’t tell anyone.” After all she is girl who hasn’t been married. But carefully re-thinking, if she really had a baby with stranger, she won’t be afraid of marring anyone.

Talking about marriage, talking about husband, she never thought about it. Every time when she was still in tea house hearing people talk about those romance books, she would be very interested to listen, But… can she really marry?

Big uncle and Tang Ge (brother cousin) came to make ruckus at house, makes her no choice but urgently finding a man who wants marry into her family, on her way to find the suitable candidate, she never even thought this plan is it good or bad plan.

Unmarried, how many people will understand this. Perhaps, when the time she is pregnant, she could say to everyone that the child father is someone she encountered when visiting the tea field, they were rushing the marriage and the bandit killed her husband so she only could escape and bring the child to Luo Yang. This reason is still understandable by people. After all the court isn’t stable now days, either rebellion or bandits are intrusion inside and outside.

Chu Zhu Yu looked gloomy and Xiao Zhi voice out: “What are you thinking of? Say!”

He used the commander intonation, she furrowed her eyebrow, “I think I don’t need to tell you what I am thinking.”

“Are you thinking about the child’s father?” he controlled himself, almost hugging her entire body. He really hated her idea about that matter, if he could control the time he wants her to only think about him, all about him!

Since when did he desires such thing? He doesn’t know. But he understands, even if he can control this desire, he won’t control.

Chu Zhu Yu avoided his sight. To say to some extent, what she said earlier the truth is related to the baby and the baby’s father.

“I won’t let it!” his nose breath thicken.

“Hey, based on what you won’t let me ah~?” she only about to argue to him, suddenly from far away she saw someones back, quickly she shrink back to his arms.

Walking slowly from the front, it’s really Chu Zhu Yu’s Tang Ge (brother cousin)Chu Mu Cai and his foxy doggy friends.

On the standing direction, Chu Mu Cai seem sees Chu Zhu Yu but he doubts.

“Brother Chu, anything wrong?” one of his friend asked.

“I thought I saw my Tang Mei (sister cousin).” Said Chu Mu Cai, just now when he passed the high posture man, he seems to have seen a girl who looked alike his Tang Mei being hugged, her face really similar to Chu Zhu Yu.

“Your Tang Mei, didn’t she go to Yan Zhou for tea?”

“It might say so, but…” Chu Mu Cai decided to observe the girl whether she is Chu Zhu Yu or not. He decided to look once more the girl face.

Chu Zhu Yu lowered her head, hearing their foot step coming near, her heart secretly crying.

“Jue.. Jue Qing.” She softly calling Xiao Zhi.


“When you are hugging me, somehow don’t let those people  see my face.” Her hand hugging onto his waist while her head drown to his chest, her cheek tightly pressed into his black cloth.

His heart suddenly beating hard, feeling her body aroma coming out, he smells her scent.

Xiao Zhi hands are on her shoulder slightly lifting her jaw, his nose gently rubbing on her hair to smell her scent.

Chu Zhu Yu face is turning red. But she doesn’t seem care about this thing anymore.

“Lady, I am Luo Yang Chu Mu Cai, your appearance seems resemble to someone I know, don’t know whether my lady, could show me your face?” Asked Chu Mu Cai.

Chu Zhu Yu who was hugged by Xiao Zhi was shaking her head, it makes Chu Mu Cai more suspicious, “This lady, please…”

“Scram!” calm voice from Xiao Zhi with high tone, Chu Mu Cai just realized the man who hugged the girl.

This look made his eyes wider. These eyes, this temperament, as long as his eye sight isn’t poor, there is only one person who has all these things!

Suddenly his throat swallowing the saliva, Chu Mu Cai stupidly looking at Xiao Zhi for moment, while sweating he opened his mouth : “Xiao…”

“Scram. Don’t make me to repeat once again.” Xiao Zhi seems to be displeasured.

“Yes, yes, yes, this lowly will be gone.” Chu Mu Cai hating himself why he didn’t carefully look. The well known general who dislikes women at this time hugging a girl, this will be a big news while he accidentally hits on this general. If makes this general unhappy, he might lose his head.

The Chu Mu Cai scrammed so fast while the other side Chu Zu Yu is still has doubt because of her Tang Ge (brother cousin)  as long as the other party is fiercer he will scram away as fast as he could.

The fact was she even didn’t know the real truth and reason, what her Tang Ge was afraid of….




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  1. Thank you so much! I am so addicted to this novel now! I love it that he’s slowly realizing his feelings and she is so unafraid of him ^^

  2. Wahhhh~ so cuuuute ❤
    Our strong and aloof general falling so hard for her and being so jealous~
    Just to cute *_* !

    Oh yeah thanks for your fast translation!
    Xie xie

  3. Haha I really like this story, its so funny!
    “Hag” is like an ugly old woman so whenever I read that she says “hag?” I was confused and thought I missed that someone called her a hag. Now I understand but it still makes me giggle when she says that hehe

  4. Thank you very much!
    Also, i’m sorry….for the spam? ….but i’m honest and sincere! Ahaha!
    Ah, he likes her, he likes her! -fangirl screams- they’re so cute together—-!!

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