Manga Review : Diamond Life

I have ended the boring meeting and having 2-3 hours break for the next schedule.
Taking this opportunity to post “general wants to hug and sleep part 1 (just now)” and I would love to share one of my favorite comic, Diamond Life. Maybe if I still have time, I will continue the second part translation and post it tonight XD (hope so)

I got this manga when I strolling in second hand book stores in my town months ago. I love reading but buying new book will always cost much money so I like to hunt books in second hand book stores. There are lot “treasures”, book that sometime you won’t find in book store which sell only the newest books.

Diamond Life manga officially mine after paying less than IDR20,000 (equal to $1-1.5) for three books. I have read this manga for many times and I still like it so much until today. So, let me share one of my favorite manga to you 🙂



Kanae Mitani is penniless girl who meets Haruki Oda, a rich man and with kind-heart. her first meeting with him was when she losing her money which she put inside her locker while she working.

The money that lost by Kanae was so important because she needed it to pay her apartment rent which been delayed for some months. Looking at the poor Kanae, Haruki just directly gave her a sum of money and went away without any question. While kanae just received the money without knowing who the man was…

After sometime, Kanae finally knew that Haruki, the stranger who gave her money last time was the president director of company where she working in.

She decided to avoid Haruki but ended up become his personal maid who working as cleaning service at day in his company, accompany him playing Shogi (Japanese Chess) during break and night as his house-maid.

This manga is not really same with other Cinderella types one but this manga has kind deeper story and also gives life lesson to the reader. It tells about life, money , and love in simple yet gives some inspiration and life lesson.

My impression:
This manga might not one of the best drawing I ever read. frankly say, the drawing not really my taste since it is Japanese manga, the level of the drawing skill far from Watase Yuu or Gosho Aoyama. The story is really touching, funny, simple and interesting.

Since the manga is one of the shortest one only three volumes, It takes so short time for me to finish all three books at one time (less than 30min)


4 thoughts on “Manga Review : Diamond Life

  1. i think i used to read this comic before. Haruki suffers AIDS,doesn’t he? his hair turned white because of the medication.

  2. Where u usually hunting second hand comic? I usually buy online from kinanti komik, just not long I buy “dunia mimpi” second hand book and end up crying cause gramedia decide to re print it

    1. Ah~ I hunt every where.
      In Medan, I used to visit Jl. salak, MW (but it has been shut down already), and somewhere near the “central market”.
      In Jakarta, I like strolling in Blok M, Pasar senen has quite complete collection.
      Sometimes when I was in overseas, I did join the garage sale or book bazaar if I was lucky enough.

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