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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 9

The naive general isn’t care of his image and directly asking his subordinate opinion about “relationship” topic. while his subordinate are busying to think about country matter and discussing about their military plan for stabilize the rebellion.

The unlucky man was Liu Shan because the general was asking his opinion and waiting Liu Shan to give him a satisfied answer. Liu Shan really clueless about his general but still try his best to please his “possessive-childish, high and mighty” general.

This chapter is talking about how childish and possessive our general toward Zhu Yu, he even put Zhu Yu as his top priority above all things even he doesn’t care about the emperor edict.

Edited by: Jiya

Chapter 9 Over Bearing


If there are people who exclusively saw Xiao Zhi, they will not believe this kind of elegant and cold man who is also the general who leads the troops to fight in battle field.The genius in military, marching line up, and the well-prepared and obtain high martial art skill.This kind of man, he really beyond the deification, deify till a soldier like Liu Shan not able to thinks about it, his great general could fall in love with such type of girl.So, when Xiao Zhi asking him : “You say, if a girl is thinking of wanting to have a baby, what does she mean?”

Liu Shan felt suddenly there was something stuck in his throat, while those thousands of soldiers behind him seems to have been choking too.

That time they were discussing about the bandits in Chong Zhou province but who knows once this general opened his mouth he spoke out this kind of words.

Liu Shan face seems pale and famished he didn’t know how to answer he just lowering his head but this big general was surely waiting for his answer.

“This… let this lowly carefully to think about it.” He stammered giving the answer.

“It’s true. It really needs time carefully to think about it.” Xiao Zi said while his hand grabbed the bead which in table, and spreading straight on his knees.

“General, didn’t we come today to discus about the bandits who are causing trouble in Cong Zhou province?” Liu Shan panicky asking. His majesty has made the imperial edict a month later big general will stabilize the Cong Zhou situation and swept the rebellion if not discussing how to solve the problem now the consequences will be disastrous.

“The bandits of Cong Zhou, only fifty thousand soldiers are enough to make the area stable.” Xiao Zhi said by nodding his head.

“ Fifty thousand? isn’t that too little?” Liu Shan did not understood his general while the rest of lower rank general are also shouting in one voice.

“Fifty thousand is more than enough, the rest let me handle it.”

If the general has already said, the rest of the lower general couldn’t say anything more, with Liu Shan they are awkwardly withdrawn and are starting to discuss what is going on with their big general.

The army people are mostly of rough fellows but this general’s manner is an issue to discuss, because being afraid sometimes would be more important than the war.

One of the lower rank general walked near to Liu Shan, “Liu military officer you say did our general falls in love with which family of lady, and that lady wants to bear general child?”

Once Liu Shan heard this he thought about it reasonably and combined with all of others views, rushed in front of the general and he said : “General, if a girl wanted to bear the child of a man it means that she wants to continue the man’s family line.” After he spoke, general’s hand were closed as the scriptures that he has been read for half.

“And then?”

“That girl absolutely loves that man deeply.” After Liu Shan finished, it didn’t even make Xiao Zhi expression happy but his face turn to be so gloomy.

“Deeply in love?” Xiao Zhi made a fist from his left hand and rolled up the Confucian book, and wrinkled all the pages.

Liu Shan swallow his saliva he was shocked did he make a wrong guess?

“So come to speak of Zhu Yu has someone she madly in love?” very cold voice, and a very low voice as if it is deliberately suppressed.

Liu Shan was standing dumbfounded he has never once seen this kind of expression of his general, angry, resentment, hesitated… to the extend, he is jealous!

Who was Zhu Yu, that general was talking about? A person that makes the general show this kind of infected expression, a person who has hard character.

While he seriously thought about it, he heard the sound of something falling. Liu Shan raised his head and saw that book which originally held by Xiao Zhi has been squeezing into powdery.

In his mind he is not familiar with that kind of thing moreover he doesn’t understand what kind of things makes his general to have such emotions.

She is deeply in love with that man… is it the child she means? Who? Who is that man? He crazily wants to know, repressed the anger and resentment in his chest that he never been had before.

Even when he was young he was surrounded by many enemies which sized three times than his troops in battle field, even when he was be betrayed by his own men before he didn’t ever get angry just like now.

But now he even possesses this kind of anger and resentment emotion. All his body is filled with the boiling blood feeling, it’s more than the feeling of wanting to kill other people brutally.

Step by step he walked into the familiar room, slowly kicking
the door open.

While the person who is lying on the bed is sleeping soundly, he had a feeling wanting to burst out something. Without him of course she could sleep soundly and at ease while he can’t without her. If she doesn’t company him he is not able to sleep.

He sat at the edge of the bed Xiao Zhi is staring at Chu Zhu Yu sleeping face,he raised his finger and strokes her cheek.

The cold touched made her moan, while shaking her head to throw off the cold feeling.

Slowly he his finger shifting to her nape. The soft silk nape across the skin he can feel the flow of the blood under that skin. She is so gentle and demure only with his little physical strength, she might no longer exist.

“So cold.” Chu Zhu Yu muttered while sleeping her eyes are closed. A pair of cold hand touching her even holding her tighter.

She is sharp person immediately wakes up. Blinking few times her eyes not yet fully opened, Chu Zhu Yu looking at the person who standing right in front of her, “Why you come so late, I think you won’t come tonight.”

Her voice sounded as if she is making a complain, but this simple words even confused him, stunned him and make him speechless.

“You… waiting for me?” the anger that first time he wanted to burst out suddenly change to the soften mood, the tangled anger mood finally released.

“Come on, get in bed. Outside is so cold.” She patted the empty space in her bed.

Xiao Zhi lying on the bed and stubbornly asking : “Are you waiting me?”

“Yes, yes, waiting for you, I waited till I was drowsy and I fell asleep.”

“I like you waiting for me.” He tightly grabbing on her wrist, “I don’t care who the man is since today you are only allowed to wait for me, not allowed to wait other man.”

“What a man?” she confusedly asking. The wind blowing outside got colder, she quickly wanted to get into her bed and sleep.

“The man that you are madly in love.” He grabbed her even tighter “You cannot love another man.” He is acting as if a rare treasure was taken away by others, the general is losing his usual calmness.

“Madly in love? I don’t… ah~” she stroke her nose, and struggled moving his hand away from her wrist, “ Aiya, you let me go a~, being grabbed like this is hurting me!”

“Does it hurt?” he pulled her to come closer to his chest, very possessive. His lips gently touching her finger joints of back of her hand.

Chu Zhu Yu face suddenly turn red the current him is radiating dangerous atmosphere she did not safe and wanted to run away.

But with her strength she is nothing compared to him, while he takes another hand of hers and kissed it, he deliberately suppressed with a deep voice and he remembered to ask : “Can you tell me, whose child do you want to bear?”


Chu Zhu Yu face turned redder and her head getting lower,

“You… in the middle of night, how can you come to ask me this matter?”

“I don’t allow!” suddenly he used agitate voice, he let go her wrist but embrace her waist.

Desperately pulling her into his arm, “You are mine, I don’t allow you to bear any man child, I don’t allow you to fall in love with any man, disallow you to leave me!”

His series of “allow/disallow”, makes her feel faint.

Struggling to move her body, Chu Zhu Yu just want to push down this person in front her, but the person who hugged her is so big, almost embedded in her flesh. She starting to suspect, her waist will be break by him.

“You release your hand first, my waist so much hurt!” she made a fist from her hand and beating up his shoulder.

Xiao Zhi didn’t move he just keep on embracing Chu Zhu Yu in his bosom hoping that she could get into his flesh and blood.

“If you acting this way, I will never want to see you again!” She spoke harshly, she was confused what is going on with him tonight in the middle of the night.

His body was stunned, finally he slowly released his hand little by little letting her off from his embrace, but his pair of hand still holding in her waist, “Do you really want to leave me?”

He stared at her, his eyes showed panic, confused, fear, anxiety, just letting her stay in daze.

Chu Zhu Yu felt her heart being held tight by someone. The current him very similar to the heaven fairy who is falling to the human world and expression of hurt is no ordinary human pain. Actually she wanted to scold him harshly but now she only keeps all in her stomach.

“What’s matter?” she asked. He gives her a sense of sympathy and pity feeling toward him.

“Don’t leave me.” At the moment his voice sounded hoarse. He buried his head into her hair while spreading as if someone was drowning in the water and trying to grab the wood, “ You are someone I hardly found and obtained, I found you, moreover I can’t let you go.”

She is breathing hard patting his shoulder, “I didn’t say that I am leaving.”

“Don’t leave me whatever you want I can give you all.” If she wanted a baby, can he give her one?

“Okay, okay, I won’t, leaving.” She cajoles him as if he is a little child. As she predicted, he is acting like a child who is being afraid of losing his toys, while she is the unlucky toy.

Getting Chu Zhu Yu guarantee, Xiao Zhi ruthless and tyrannical acts slowly by slowly disappeared.

Like usually he started taking off his hair cap, removing his outer robe, and naturally lying beside her, unimaginable, her few words, could disappearing his anxiety. His heart no longer empty like before as if his heart being put inside something and slowly filled fully.

His hands still embracing her waist but this time the strength is not as tight as before but loosen bit.

“Tired?” Chu Zhu Yu looked at Xiao Zhi who eyes half opened.

“Little.” He murmured and closed his eyes. His nose filled with her scent, which actually makes him feel very comfortable.

“So, let sleep.” Chu Zhu Yu pulling the blanket, shares it half to cover Xiao Zhi’s body.

She just hopes after this she can sleep peacefully


17 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 9

  1. awww….general soo cute and childish…keekee…poor Li Shan..haahaa…i bet everyone + Xiao Zhi is confuse now…haahaa..thank u..everyday i wait for new chapter..arghhh..ur the best

  2. It is freezing cold today and I am cuddled up in a quilt, working from home (mostly browsing the web but pretend you don’t know). All I need now is a cup of steaming chai and a general of my own. Or, a general who knows how to make chai. Now that would be a double whammy. Anyway, adorable chapter. Made me jealous of the heroine.

  3. Ahhh soo cute!
    If Yu zhu leaves you, you can have me to acompany you to sleep, redt assured I am molly/plump so I am soft too my dear general XD XP

    haha such jealousy~
    general you are just so innocent

  4. our general experiences the first pangs of jealousy due to love… so cute, but also scary. the book pulverized hahaha… thank you for the quick updates.

  5. poor Liu Shan becomes the witness of jealous Xiao Zhi,,
    but it is cute when Xiao Zhi becomes possessive-childish in front of Zhu Yu.

  6. Thanks for the translation. What I like about Xiao Zhi is that even though he is overbearing, once Zhu Yu threaten him, he will be afraid and do as she wants.

  7. Thank you very much—-!
    So—cute—-! Ahaha, i think his martial arts is so good that the problem of bandits doesn’t even bother him! But anyway, zhu yu’s awesome! She’s really kind, so nice! This OTP is seriously adorable!

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