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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 10

We are in the middle of the Novel now, It means, I still have half to end this translation project. So, far I really enjoy doing this translation that’s why I try my best to make daily up date for it.

This chapter ten is about the one of the Emperor daughter, The Tenth Princess who is well known and fame of her beauty and her pride in the palace. She is the favorable princess of the current Emperor and also the love rival for Zhu Yu.

She could be very rude and wicked for obtaining what she wants. Even killed someone…

Chapter 10 The Tenth Princess


Except the sudden strange acting of Xiao Zhi that night, most of time, Chu Zhu Yu didn’t feel anything strange. After went through peaceful days, because of his majesty is falling sick, it even makes the Luo Yang city even very quiet.

In general residence, no one dares to breathe heavily, everyone is feeling so anxious.

It has been many times the general get order to enter the palace, even the house keeper of the Xiao residence also get affected, his face gloomy.

Now, in palace.

Xiao Zhi just left the emperor’s place, his face has tired complexion. The emperor is getting old, not really healthy, within this year, he has already sick three times, every time he is worse than before.

The entire Luo Yang, every aspect of forces has been prepared, while he, this few days will go to Cong Zhou to suppress the rebellion, at the time comes, what the situation of Luo Yang will be?

“Brother Xiao, how’s Fu Huang (his majesty, usually called by the emperor children) sickness?” the seventh prince who had waited outside, once he met Xiao Zhi, he asked.

“The imperial doctor has said, this time, the emperor is fine.” Of course, only this time his majesty is safe if another time his sickness relapse, no one knows the ending.

“Brother Xiao will be going to Cong Zhou for suppressing the rebellion, I hope this time leaving, everything will be safe and sound.” Said seventh prince, “Actually I want to hold the banquet for you before leaving, but Fu Huang is sick, afraid holding a banquet will lead to be laughing-stock by people.”

“Banquet? Don’t need, the rebellion in Cong Zhou should be quick fix.” Xiao Zhi massage his forehead.

Seventh prince is wondering, he knows that Xiao Zhi is type of person who does something confidently. Xiao Zhi who is standing in front him is looked so tired, remembered days before the eunuch had made a report. “Brother Xiao these days entered the palace, I heard you hardly get a sleep, how if asking the imperial doctor to examine your health?”

“No need.” He just wanted to see Chu Zhu Yu right now, just wanted to hug her, just wanted to smell her tea scent and her body fragrance. As long as she is in his side, he could sleep soundly.

A foot step coming closer, one of the palace maid walking closer to the two persons, “General Xiao Zhi please wait.”

“What matter?” Xiao Zhi displeased.

“The Tenth Princess wants to see you.” The palace maid bowing.

Tenth princess is one of many princesses who is doting by current emperor, beautiful, her dance and singing are one of the best, obtaining an outstanding talent, even the emperor ever said that, no one can married her except the hero.

Two years ago, the Tenth Princess was falling in love with Xiao Zhi at the first sight. The emperor even thinking to marry both of them but helpless* (the waterside flower pining for love shed petal, while the heartless brook babbles on-unrequited love). During that time, The Zen Master, Hui Wui is one of the most respected person by the palace court officer while Xiao Zhi is his disciple. That time, when Zen Master Wu Hui recommended Xiao Zhi, he was asking the emperor to issue out an imperial edict— get married by his own choice. So, the emperor helplessly couldn’t bestow the marriage, just letting his daughter to use her own strength, pursuing her love.

The Seventh Prince— after he heard what the palace maid said, he understood and laughing, “Think to re-think, my ambitious and proud Huang Mei (the prince’s younger sister), is rushing wanted to meet brother Xiao.”

“Xia Guan (this officer), still have things to do, I afraid can’t attend and fulfilled princess invitation.” Said Xiao Zhi, walking passes the palace maid.

The palace maid stunned, she never thought there will someone who so straight forward to refuse princess invitation, while The Seventh Prince followed him at his back, “Brother Xiao, doesn’t want to go?”

“Why I should go?” Xiao Zhi answered without any expression.

“In this world there are so many man who wants to meet my Huang Mei, but it so difficult, doesn’t brother Xiao feels regret?”

“She doesn’t even someone I want, so why should I feel regret.” He sneered.

The seventh prince dumbstruck, “ I know that brother Xiao doesn’t has any attraction to women, but men in the world should marry and having children, my sister is really in love with brother Xiao, if…”

“It not any longer.” Xiao Zhi cut seventh prince words.


“I already have someone I want, other than her, I don’t need and want anyone.” He is rushing to get home, wanting to see her! Xiao Zhi never knows that he actually has feeling of eagerly desire of somebody.

“Actually,… brother Xiao already has someone.” The Seventh Prince only laughed bitterly, this time, his huang Mei might be irritated so much if found out.

Dignified and beautiful face, a kind of elegant aura that could hook people, this kind of girl is not only beautiful, but more than usual beautiful, at the most she is highly self-confident, She is The Tenth Princess, Dai Rui Qin.

Biting her teeth, she furiously asking the person who kneeling, continuously to the shivering palace maid, “ Xiao Zhi really said so?”

“Yes… General Xiao Zhi said so, he couldn’t come.”

“So, didn’t you ask him what the matter?”

“This… this lowly didn’t dare asking more.”

“Did he say another thing?”

The palace maid took a deep breath, think over and over, re- think, but still there is something that she doubts whether she needs to report or not to her master, “ General Xiao Zhi said, he already has someone in his heart, others that that person, he didn’t want anyone.”


Only one word, spark off all Dai Rui Qin anger, the delicate jade bracelet which above the table being swept to the ground. Because of that cold person, she even condescend her pride, going to learn how to brew tea. She always thought, base on her face and position, he will ultimately kneeling down to her.

But she never thought that, based on her position as princess, he even hard to invite!

“Who? Who is that girl?” she sterns voice asking, her voice has indescribable ruthless tone.

“That the general said himself.” The palace maid quickly lower her head and touching the cold ground, she afraid of looking the scary and flames up princess.

Dai Rui Qian nail is almost embedded to her hands meat, that pair of beautiful eyes, no longer has the trace of feminine. She is dignified Tenth Princess of the country. Her beauty, her status, let her not recognized the word “cannot obtain”.

He is the Zen Master, Hui Wu discipline, has well-known of his skillful martial art in the world and the genius in military, he has non-stop military achievement, letting her to fall in love with him.

She knows that, this is what she searching for this entire time, a man that match for her. Even they match for marriage-relationship but, it doesn’t mean she can obtain him.

She knows that he is someone who doesn’t seek pleasure and make merry, so she just waiting, waiting till that one day comes, he still is hers. But no one knows, he never falls in love with her but he loves someone else!

What kind of girl who could make him fall in love with her?

“Go, asking people to investigated who is the girl!” She gave order, while she was in envy.

The most beauty person, once she get jealous, her beauty will slowly dim.


21 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 10

  1. Ah~
    Thank you for your quick translation! I really appreciate your hard work to translate one chapter a day. The first things in the morning when I wake is to open your blog and read your trabslation ^_^

    I get the bad feeling that whe the general is away fighting kf the rebellion, tenth princess will use this opportunity to harm our dear yu zhu.
    but I get the feeling that our MC will answer like “the general ah? I never met him while working here so maybe it’s anyone else?”

  2. oh, oh this 10th princess somehow scares me a bit. a scorned woman can do anything. thank you for the daily updates. i appreciate the hard work.

  3. Lol — gotta hand it to the general, shooting down the ‘love rival’ so fast, without even blinking — all for his ZY.
    Thank goodness for his shi fu’s foresight. I see now why you said he was wise.

    Thanks again!

  4. Thank you for your hard work. Keep up with the good work also take care of yourself..try not to overwork and over tired yourself too…thanks again..

  5. Thank you for your speedy translations:) This is such a fun, addictive story. I love his unwavering love for our heroine. They are just too cute!

  6. Thank you—-!
    Ah, veryscary, scary woman indeed! Ahaha, the seventh prince has found out that xiao zhi has someone he loves—-! Xiao zhi is really so in love! Confess to her, xiao zhi!

  7. Why he can’t keep both? and in the first place, our protagonist came in to become concubine with that other pervert prince, so that she could easily get pregnant.

    1. The general didn’t love the princess. why must he keep both?
      Zhu Yu indeed coming with motive but not as concubine. She only wanted to have baby. and she wasn’t entered Prince’s place.

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