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Get Inspiring : Cassey Ho

Last time I had made a post about one of the famous beauty gurus in youtube, Bubzbeauty (Lindy Tsang), so today I would like to talk about another gurus that also one of my inspiration.

Cassey Ho is youtube fitness guru, creator of pop pilates, designer of ogorgeous.

My story begin from…
I have serious problem with my health since my weight is more than over-weight, a scary number which could take my life if I don’t change my eating pattern and lifestyle. I think, I don’t need to mention how I struggle for reducing half of my body weight in years.

So, I was enrolled to one of the fitness center in my city, to have intensive exercise every day from Monday to Sunday. I joined some classes but none of them really get my interest since I was so fat, naturally I hate to move. I used to treadmill 30-60 minutes per day, cycling 30-60minutes, joining the aerobic class about an hours or more, zumba class, free style dance, etc. every thing about movement and reducing the fat, burning the calories…

Those time really hard but I made it, I went through.

I still need to go to fitness center but I really boring with the classes they offer. I looked for yoga and pilates class but they didn’t have it. I get interest with yoga first time because every time I doing my retreat session in temple, we always have meditation session and it always give me positive effect after doing meditation.

Meditation might boring sometimes, especially, I only do the breathing meditation which could make me feel drowsy and fall asleep. So, I searched for another similar thing alike meditation and there I found Yoga.

I really get interested with yoga and wanted to learn more until I know, yoga has many movement.
so, the best source to look stuff always be internet. I searched on youtube and accidentally found Cassey Ho’s channel, blogilates.

From there, I starting my new exercise session and quit for a while from the fitness membership. I like the simple movement that taught by Cassey on her previous videos. I also learn many things from Cassey through her videos and blog. She inspired me to stay focus on my healthy life style, making my own cheap clean food and of course her inspiring about dreams and goals.

So, it has been years since the first time watching Cassey’s Videos. she is an amazing woman and I feel alike growing with her since I try all her movement in videos. It sore my body but strangely it give me satisfaction feeling after my exercise.

I still have long way but I always promise myself today will always be better than yesterday but not as good as I will be tomorrow.

I hope that I would be someone who can inspired others just alike those amazing people out there.
Sharing many positive things and making many friends
“Human is social being, no one can life alone without anyone help.”


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