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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 12.1

Shocking Chapter for Zhu Yu after knowing Jue Qing true identity. The legendary general who famous and be afraid of people actually a man that every night come to hug her, a man that she critics if he doing wrong, a man that no ones could guess what his mind thinking and acts.

This Chapter is one of the interesting ones since I never thought the general moves so fast, he wants her so much, he depends on her and to the extend he understand his feeling that why, he won’t ever let her go. The best to make her stays, Marry her and makes her as his.

Chapter 12 Marry You

Part 1 (One)



“Are you the general?”


“Why didn’t you tell me that you are the Xiao General?”

“You didn’t ask me.”

“I did ask about your name! Why did you lie to me, saying that your name was Jue Qing?”

“I didn’t lie to you, Jue Qing is me.”

‘…..” Chu Zhu Yu speechless, alright, his name is Xiao Zhi while Jue Qing is he, the person, doesn’t it mean that he hiding himself from the beginning!

“Zhu Yu, I am General or not, is it really any differences?” Xiao Zhi looked at Chu Zhu Yu seriously.

He ordered all the servant to retire, this room has been always difficult for people to get in because it is general bed room and now in this room only she and he, two persons inside.

Chu Zhu Yu deeply in hale, “You always wearing the black clothes, makes me misunderstood, thinking you are an imperial guard, you are intentionally not telling me about your status, you just wanted to see me being fooled, didn’t you?” the ridiculous when she was in the kitchen, she even worried him so much.

“Are you angry?” her expression makes him feel uneasy.

“I am only the lowly maid, doesn’t have right to angry with the big General.” She lowered her head, her action and expression exactly similar to the ordinary maid who is talking to her master.

“No!” he grabbed her hands, “I know you are angry. I wore the black clothes because my childhood reason. Shi Fu and I learn about Buddhism. That’s why wearing that kind color of cloth. I admitted, I did have determine to mislead you, it because I was afraid if you know about my status, you will act as same as the others people, afraid of me.”

He spoke with panicking tone, spoke near her ear. Her wrist feel little pain because he holding hers, but that pain more because his trembling finger, makes her understand that he actually so nervous. Nervous? He, the big General facing her, how could be nervous? Afraid that when said to others, no one will believe.

“Zhu Yu, don’t afraid of me, just acted as before you know me, do you?” he murmured.

She raised her head, as if she is bumping into a pair of watery eyes. His eyes always clear and brilliant. Even though he sometimes cold, sometimes warm, but unexpectedly this person gives her a sense of being covered by ashes, but now, it more like being covered by the Mongolian ashes (thicker than usual).

“I…” she doubted.

“Don’t be afraid of me, there are lot people who being afraid of me, being scared of me, but you won’t. I like the way you interact with me.”

“let it be!” Chu Zhu Yu shaking her head, after all, he only hiding his status, the rest he still the same person. Actually, she should know earlier, because there is no Imperial guard who could wear such Jade hair pin, and no Imperial guard who could ever taste expensive Jun Shan Yin Zhen tea, moreover, this is general residence, other than him, what kind of man will possess that kind of good looking face.

And also the jade prayer bead that he always pinching in his hand, the strange thing was, she never heard people said about general likes to kiss randomly. If she really careful to examine, his truth status has revealed earlier.

But, if at the beginning she knew about his status, does she still treating him in that way? She, herself couldn’t find the proper answer. But as it said, didn’t she also hiding something to him too? From the beginning she entered the general residence, she has her own purposed.

“In the future, you couldn’t lie to me again.” She looked directly to his eyes, she was so easy to forget her status, she spoke with him as the usual.

“Alright!” he smiling, pulling her to his bosom, “Zhu Yu, I want to sleep.”

“You go to sleep by yourself!” that big bed is inside the room, it enough for three four person lying on.

“But, I want to hug on you while sleeping.”

“Cannot.” She refused

“Why can’t I?”

“That time when you hugged on me, no one knew, if now you act at the same way, all the people in general residence will know!” and then, the rumor will spread to the center of Luo Yang city. On the end, she will be bullied as a woman who seducing the General and become his love affair and she will be spat by their saliva.

“And so what?” he raised his eyebrow, restrain himself, he can’t wait to hug her anymore, and takes her to bed.

Wei wei, OMG! The act should that fast ma? Once her body above bed, she busy to escape by crawling down the bed, but as soon, he easily catches her ankle.

“Zhu Yu.” He frowned, “Previously you letting me to hug on you.”

“The situation was different.”

“What the differences?”

“Whatever, it just…” her tender body being fixed into his arm, while only can show her red face,

“Others will talk about me!”

He stopped, his half body has crawled to hers, his fingers gently stroking her hair, his eyebrow frowned deeper, as if he is thinking and considering something.

Her finger stretch her palm wider and pushing him away from her body. She even nagging : “Actually, inside this residence there are many maid who willing hugged by you, if you really need someone…”

Suddenly, Xiao Zhi smiling, “How about I marry you, on that way, no one will talk about you.”

“You married me?” Chu Zhu Yu stunned.

“ng, marry you, I want to marry you, Zhu Yu, I love you.” His lips covered hers as if suck all the sweetness from her lips. Suddenly his mind being enlightened and become very clear.

That right, he loves her, he wants to marry her, marrying someone that makes him sentimentally attached to the girl. Unconsciously, he starting and searching and desire her more and more in any time, wanting to hear she speaks, wanting to touch her, wanting in her body has his own scent.

Zhu Yu, Zhu Yu, like a pearl, like a jade, she is the one he can’t let go, the precious ones of his.

He wants to marry her?

The well-known general Xiao Zhi, the big general of the country, wants to marry Chu Zhu Yu?!

Being afraid, once it spoke out, it would be the biggest joke and laughing stock for people. But she knows that he is serious, because he really speaks very serious.

She enters the general residence, the purpose is for bearing the baby of the general who will use her surname, Chu, so her tea house won’t be taken over by her big uncle. Once if general Xiao Zhi really marrying her, as afraid that tea house giving to her big uncle, they won’t dare to take it. But,…


10 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 12.1

  1. Gahhh! These two are so adorable together!! *fails around from the sheer fluffiness* I just hope the general doesn’t “find out about the tea house bet then becomes all hurt that she planned to seduce him” (>.>) they are too fluffy together to be separated by such a cliché angst plot point *nods resolutely*

    Thank you so much for another awesome chapter! I’ve been following your quick updates but haven’t had the chance to log in and say thanks…so here I am! XD Kudos for all your hard work 😀

    1. Hi elusivelogic,
      Don’t worry about the general, he never matter such trivial things. He only cares about Zhu Yu, herself. Her happiness and as long as she with him, He won’t matter anything…

      Very devoted man, childish, caring, possessive…
      XD XD XD

  2. Each chapter gets better and better. I love how crazy the general is over our heroine. Looking forward to your translations. Thanks:)

  3. I love that (for a guy who’s so clueless) he was so quick to realize that her demeanor changed towards him and he pleaded with her to be herself again. I definitely love the fluff! Thank you!

  4. Zhu Yu just accept the general proposal, your purpose was to find someone to have child with, even if general doesn’t marry into your family, your uncles wouldn’t dare to touch you ever again.

  5. kyaaa… i was grinning ear to ear while reading this chapter. without resorting to any scheming chu zhu yu landed herself with a fat marriage proposal. go girl marry the general, else i’ll take him away from you. oh but first i have to gain weight a bit and immerse myself in a tub of tea scents to even have a chance. haha..

  6. Thanks a lot!
    Ah, so adorable! It’s great that zhu yu ws quite calm upon finding out!
    He—-con—–fessed—–!! Adorable!

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