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Chit Chat : Next Translation Project, Should or shouldn’t I? Inspired by, Random :)

I think I have say many times that how I enjoying doing translation project these days.
I really should thank my parent especially mom who keep pushing me learning so many “weird” thing during my childhood even today. If you really explore my blog, you will know me lil bit how I actually don’t really like studying during my childhood. While my parent really typical Chinese parent who emphasize education is the most important after character building.

I even complained so much during those time, how I feel “as if being step daughter” of my parent because I should study this and that, no time for playing like others kids but here the fruit that I reap after years my mom sow.

I never know that Chinese novel is so addictive before. I was manga reader and most of novel I read was the local or the best seller or famous such as Harry Potter series and Twilight and translated into Bahasa. So, one day, after watching bu bu jing xin, I was searching for further info and incidentally found Ms Koala blog and there I started to read C-novel translate by Ms K. Her translation hooked on me but she didn’t update everyday so I craving more and more.

Trying to look another web or blog, finally I found shushengbar, “this place is heaven!” that how I felt for the first time. Then, starting the day I found shushengbar, I was introduced with many kinds of novel genre and of course others translation blog that really help me to satisfy my craving for while.

During that time, my Chinese was so broken, illiterate and unable speak and understand Chinese Mandarin. *smash* my head to desk, I really want to read those novel by myself with the original language. When I was young about grade 2 or 3, I was starting my English because my mom kept telling me how it would be useful one day for me. Then, when the politic in Indonesia changed, I started learning Chinese.

“Take and give”

I really want to thank to those who doing C-novel translation and sharing how fun reading the C-novel for those non-Chinese speaker or not understand Chinese but still enjoy the novel in English translation.

My reason to do translation project other than challenge myself, I really get inspired from MS Koala (koalasplayground), Decembi (Onesecondspring.blogspot), Sutekii (sut3kii.wordpress), Hui3r, Peanut, lidge(Hui3r.wordpress) for their hard work doing the translation. I also want to make myself as a part of amazing people who inspired others, motivated and shared the loves in any form.

Since The General wants to hug and sleep is in the middle of translation and will be finish before mid nov (I hope so), I am thinking to pick another book to translate as new project or should I just stopped from translating. I know you guys really enjoy the General, so rather make decision by my own, how about giving me ideas, should I continue to do another translation project or just stop after finished general translation?

And what types of novel you guys wish me to do the translation?
Give me the names, so I can consider to do the translation…


21 thoughts on “Chit Chat : Next Translation Project, Should or shouldn’t I? Inspired by, Random :)

  1. hehee…for me i love reading so anything is okay for me…but i crazy for history subject in yeah..maybe something fun and funny..but any book you choose i still be happy..hehe..just 1 month ago i never know about all the other blog..but know i’m addicted with chinese novel thanks to all great blog i found..

    1. Me too, I love to read.
      It just happen, I am fall in love and addicting with C-novel, recently.
      Learning Chinese is leading me to find another new things, C-novel which has very different style writing and plot compare to the Indonesian novel or the western novel.
      The Chinese author such as Tong Hua wrote the C-novel especially ones that related to ancient, mystical or history was so vivid and detail. I like her works (BBJX, LYF, DMY, YZG).
      anyway, thanks for the comment 🙂

  2. oh no please don’t stop translating. after General loves to Hug and Sleep concludes please do pick up another novel. i love your translations, i would be happy no matter what cnovel you decide on.

    1. I feel so many satisfaction, pleasure and excitement during doing this translation. moreover, you guys comments really makes my day. Thank you for the support and the comments.
      I still haven’t decide which book I want to translate.

  3. i also know C-novel from ms Koala and i got stuck with c-novel since then. i feel like i found an oasis on the desert when i found you guys who translate C-novel since i don’t know Chinese at all. the genre that i enjoy most is xian xia or something related to China’s history and myth…i think much or less we have visited the same blogs which translate C-novel.i love reading best so thanks to share such a wonderful story with us.
    good luck for the next translation

  4. also chinese indonesian but i live in hong kong now. i really admire your courage to learn chinese and translate them in english. i myself who has been living in hk for almost 15 years, still couldnt read chinese well ….yeah i know 😦 so, please dont stop translating and introduce more good chinese novel to us especially romance type 🙂 thanks a lot and fighting

  5. oo please do continue translating! i would love any novel that you pick on since you seem to have really good tastes! ty for bringin these novels to us reader who cant read chinese!

  6. Well… u should continue translating :D…. i really enjoy ur translation… i m new to c-novel and i would love to read more of them…
    but i was wondering if u would like to translate this novel 千山暮雪 ~ Twilight Upon a Thousand Snow”… i read it ar tumbleintofantasy but i think the translator dropped the project… i dont know.. but i reallly curious at how it end and what happend..since i thnk the main lead have a really:(

  7. As long as you enjoy translating, I’ll definitely enjoy reading whatever you choose to share! 🙂

    I’m not sure what to recommend, since I can only rely on summaries from the usual suspects/cites.

    But the following summaries sounded interesting to me. Maybe you might find them to be as well (either to read or maybe even to translate if you want and if they’re not long).

    Per Decembi:
    Little Phoenix is Not an Immortal by Shu Ke
    小凤不是仙 - 蜀客
    The King is Here by Jiu Lu Fei Xiang
    本王在此 – 九鹭非香 also has a few recommendations:
    Bai Suan Ji (White Calculation) 白算计 by Big Grey Wolf With Wings

    Either way, thanks for sharing the general! 🙂

  8. Firstly, thank you for your hard work in translating and sharing the novel with us. You even try to update it daily, thank you so much. Secondly, I hope you can continue translating and sharing c-novel with us 😊 for what novel to translate… haha… I have a lot that I want to read, just hope you translate c-novel with happy ending and funny (a bit of angst is okay as well). I prefer one man – one woman at the end no harem.

    1. generally, I read every things. but still I like something sweet more than complicated story. I don’t really like teary story but at some point Lost You Forever just hooked me :3

      1. I like Lost You Forever too. I wish Xiang Liu would end up with Xiao Yao and then they could roam the world. *sigh*

  9. If you dont mind, can you translate The General Only Fears the Maiden’s Escape 《將軍只怕姑娘逃》By 葉雙 Ye Shuang, its already translated by darcy until chapter 4 part 2 on dec 2015. I try read its raw novel but see so much Chinese character too much and too long make my head hurt hahahaha…. there’s so much characters that i dont know and using Google translate really troublesome because sometimes its translate so weird. If you have time try to read it and im really appreciate it if you dont mind to continue translate it.
    Anyway thank you for your hard work translate the general want hug and sleep.

    1. I may consider the novel but no promise because I still have few projects in my hand. After all I do the translation by myself and every translation is taking up amount of time.

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