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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 12.2

The second part of the chapter 12 is more about the trivial things about Zhu Yu worries. such as: if Xiao Zhi finds out her initial purposed when entering General residence, worries what kind of attitude he will show her, and in this chapter, Zhu Yu is starting to understand her feeling even not too obvious like Xiao Zhi, admitting he really loves her, he really needs her and he wants her stay with him forever.

in this last part of chapter 12, Xiao Zhi is starting to care about his appearance just because Zhu Yu random words…

Chapter 12 Marry You

Part 2 (Two)

Chu Zhu Yu raised her head, looking at Xiao Zhi pair of clear bright eyes. His pair of eyes is so clear, clear to as if there is no slightly distracting thought. He loves her, but how about her? Does she love him?

Weirdly, she suddenly feel guilty, how if he finds out that she is hiding her status, entering the general residence with “mission”… she not dares to imagine how his expression. Angry? Resentment? Or he will be cold heartless?

No matter which ones, she doesn’t want to see it. Chu Zhu Yu not realizing, she started to bite her lips, until Xiao Zhi slender finger pinched her jaw, she stopping bites her lips.

“What are you doing, biting yourself?” Xiao Zhi put down the good cup of tea from his hand.

“No, nothing.” She begin with, she doesn’t dare to look at his eyes, “Jue Qing, is there anyone who ever lie to you?” she asked, still like to call him with his person.

“There was.” His hand grabbing the tea cup tightly, as if want to break it.

“So, when you found out before, how you dealing with that person?”

“hum…. According to the army military law, I cut that person head, once I ever broke all that person bones, and once I ever banished the martial art, broke one of the arm.” Xiao Zhi answered after thinking for a while.

Chu Zhu Yu feeling startled and shocked after heard, “But don’t you learning about Buddhism? On that way dealing with others… was not really good.”

“Since they dared to betray me, naturally they understood their ends. Talking about Buddhism…” he laughing, “Buddha also can kill people, I learned Buddhist scripture, only to suppress my vicious character, My Shi Fu said I killed too many people, the evil aura would be heavy, if I didn’t controlled or suppressed it. Moreover it would make the world filled with river blood.”

Studying Buddhism… only for this? She stupidly looking at his beautiful face, even though she understands that he is General, in the battle field will kill so many people, however she never could imagine if he could kill too many, with that kind of vicious aura. His aura is more alike scholar rather than a general.

She looked at him too focus, his head turned, “Why you staring me?”

She gained herself, randomly said : “oh, you are so good looking, so I dumbfounded looking at you.”

His face showed happy expression, “Zhu Yu, you think I am that good looking?”

Chu Zhu Yu felt that the person in front of her has a very sparkling eyes, alike clear layer of clouds, “very… good looking.” Suddenly she feels that her throat dry, busying grabbed a cup of tea, “If you don’t have that dark circle under your eyes, it much better.”

“Dark circle…” Xiao Zhi lifting his finger and stroking his eyes slightly, this dark circle appeared since he has insomnia and lack of sleeping. He never matters of it before, but after she said so, makes he even frowned, “Does Zhu Yu dislike it?”

“This kind of mark, makes you look alike someone who has heavy sickness, even you are a general, own skillful martial art, if you letting your subordinate to see your outer appearance which looked alike sick person, I afraid it won’t be too good.” While she spoke she also looked at the tea cup which in her hand, “I get it! I have the solution!”


“By using the tea water and tea leaves.” Chu Zhu Yu takes out all the tea leaves which remaining inside the tea pot, put all the tea leaves on the table and drained the excess water, and also pulled off the clean cotton.

“What is the usage of these all?” Xiao Zhi oddly asking.

“For you to cleanse your eyes and mask your eyes.” She said while taking a sheet of cotton, makes the cotton into a small ball, then stains the cotton with the tea, said to him : “ bend your waist.”

He did as she said, he bend his body till the same parallel level with her sight, “Is it enough?”

“It enough, enough.” Then she continued with the second order, “Close your eyes.”

“Alright.” He closed his eyes, his black long eyelashes makes Chu Zhu Yu feel envy. This kind of eye lashes, black, little bit curl, there are lot of girls who dream of having it. Her finger, she curious wants to touch it just to know whether it is real or fake.

Soft eyelashes, seems to have same type with his smooth black hair, her finger touching his eyelashes and she get interested with his eyelashes as if she is playing a new toy.

At the moment, Xiao Zhi suddenly opened his eyes, Chu Zhu Yu hands is awkward hanging in the empty air.

“hm, hm, I only want to see for a while, I only want to see for a while, your eyelashes, is it… ah it kind firm.” Her face turned red.

“oh? The result?” he calmly asked.

“They grow not bad, not easy to fall.” She said more awkwardly, “You, quickly close your eyes, I want to use the tea for cleanse your eyes.” Pursuit of petty pleasures, it seems not tolerable, even she only wants to play with people eyelashes, it just same.

Xiao Zhi once again opened his eyes, this time, Chu Zhu Yu is really honest in her action, pouring the tea water into the cotton and masking to his eyes. From eyelids to the eyes, eyes hole and finally stopped at fundus oculi (lower eyes).

“How is it feel?” she asked?

“It cold little bit.” He answered.

“This method was come from old man who is planting the tea leaves, all the tea leaves are treasure, this tea could be drink, others than drink, tea also can cleanse eyes, and as those remaining after drinking tea are the leaves, later on I will make two bag of tea for masking your eyes.” She keeps using the cotton to cleanse his eyes, while he closed his eyes, “Do you feel your eyes much comfortable?”

“Still okay.”

After that, Chu Zhu Yu asking the head house keeper, Xiao Ren who is not convinced, taking the gauze and needle, making two tea bags, letting Xiao Zhi masking his eyes with those bags.

The big general is so obedient listen to her instruction, while Xiao Ren expression looks as if his jaw will drops down.

“Chu… lady Chu, nothing wrong with the general, right.” Xiao Ren feels that recently he is so easy to be surprised. Since he found out that his matchless big general “depend on” with this maid, Chu Zhu Yu. His shocked and it is increasing daily.

Above all, every night when general wants to sleep, he must hugging on Lady Chu, other times, if general wants to eat, he must be feed by Lady Chu, other time again, he even “carelessly” heard that his general wants to marry Chu Zhu Yu as wife.

“No problems, he only closed his eyes.” Chu Zhu Yu patting her hand.

“So, the general must apply this things everyday to his eyes?” since he speaks to himself, his mouth starting to twitching.

“It seem so.” Till his dark circle vanished.

Suddenly Xiao Ren body shaking, if let others to see this scene, afraid that, the general dignity will end and reach rock bottom.


10 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 12.2

  1. ahhh…thanks for this..heeheee…Zhu Yu dont worry ok..i bet everyone in general house is shock now..haaahaa…thank you again…

  2. Xiao Ren worry too much about his general dignity while Xiao Zhi will not care about that especially concerned about Chu Yu.
    I used to use tea bags for my eyes but I was impatient, saw no changes at all, I gave up after two days haha…

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