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First November 2014

How everyone doing?
Halloween Party? anyone did it?

I was doing good last month (October 2014). Even, I almost fall sick but everything really fine.
As usual, I like to make monthly resolution beside the yearly ones. Doing this kind of things will always makes me stay focus on what I am doing.
Another October is passes and the other November is coming and here now.

As I said, October really is Rocktober for me, I really having good time and enjoying all things I did. I lost 8 kg in a month, I stayed focus with my translation project, my working performance is increasing and there is still many good things happen 😉
Really grateful with this life even sometimes I feel down but moods, things that you actually could control as long as you stay positive.
The Halloween party this year really one of the great ones. My first time to join such huge Halloween event in CBD Polonia (more than 1000 people attending).

So, This November, will be Movember (Inspired by Cassey Ho) for me. I have list down all the things that I want to do and fulfilled.
Some of those are:
– Reduce another “fats” until mid Dec
– New translation project for C-Novel
– Still pursuing productive time – days
– Should learn the languages more diligently
– I think to balance my blog posts XD

Well, November is starting now…
I hope everyone will have fabulous November 🙂


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