C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 15.1

Misfortune in Love, last chapter (chapter 14), it about Xiao Zhi weakness.

Everyone has their own weakness including Xiao Zhi who seems as “perfect-human” because he has all things that people envy of him, The beautiful good looking, huge attraction for women, the military power, the status, the high martial skill, etc (too perfect in one package) but his greatest weakness is LOVE. He has love-sickness that once he decided the person he loves then he would love for the rest of his life time and he can’t afford to lose, losing someone he loves.

So, His Shi Fu asking him about his “determination” for loving and bearing the consequence even The Zen Master Hui Wu never thought Xiao Zhi falling in love since our general is fame with his ruthless, evil aura, heartless, etc.

Chapter 15 Troops to Cong Zhou

Part 1 (One)


Fifty thousand troops are heading to Cong Zhou for dealing with the bandits. All people thought the battle between the palace army with the Bandits of Cong Zhou will fight for quite some time, Xiao Zhi is leading three thousand elite troops, as flash as lightning, surrounded all outside the city of Cong Zhou and corner the bandit to the hills and swept them one by one.

No one knows that Xiao Zhi will use this kind of plan to draw the bandits attention. While he brought the soldier, taking the advantage to kill the bandits in their own hide place.

The originally bandit in Cong Zhou is hundred thousand and now it decrease to thirty thousand. If wants to wipe out them, it doesn’t take much time.

While in the center of Luo Yang City, in the palace, a man who is holding secret report, ferociously make a fist of his palm, “ Detestable Xiao Zhi, didn’t expect use that kind of movement.”

“The Third Prince, what should we do now? Does all several years effort being destroyed in such way?” his subordinate who standing near him, carefully asked.

The current Emperor dislike the princes hold the army, so several princes didn’t have any military power with them. The Third Prince has spend several years effort in Cong Zhou recruiting soldiers and buying horses, using the status as Bandit in the appearance, whenever the palace sending troops to wipe out the bandits of Cong Zhou, they won’t success. It because the influence of the Third Prince in Cong Zhou. Simply say, The Third Prince is Cong Zhou land lord. Cong Zhou is the place for Third Prince to retreat if he loses in competing for the throne. If he really loses, he could start up from Cong Zhou and gaining the power from there.

“Of course I can’t afford it.” Third Prince hatred voice, he unwillingly that several years effort, being ruined. “Isn’t anybody who could stop Xiao Zhi?”

“That Xiao Zhi very good in using his military forces, his martial art is legendary skillful, being afraid…”

“This kind of word, don’t need you to remind!” The Third prince kicked that person chest, “I just want to know, how to protect my military force in Cong Zhou!”

The subordinate in pain kneeling to ground, the face turned pale white, if there really a way, then the army won’t be defeated till reaching dead-point.

“So, there is no way out?” The third prince feet kick up again, then suddenly he heard woman laughing voice.

He looked to the direction, dressed in pink palace outfit that delivered exquisitely figure, The waist belt which attached by the gems and precious stones make her waist outline more obvious, her brow own pride and extravagance, if she is not the Tenth Princess, Dai Rui Qian, then who will be.

“Huang Mei, how can you come here?” The third prince asked. Even this place inside the palace, it is appertaining a secretive place, only few people who knows this place. While this Tenth Princess who is sharing same mother with him, so that why their relation is closer, once the Third Prince gains the power, naturally the Tenth Princess status also goes up too.

“Just now looking at Huang Xiong’s worried expression, makes me feel hilarious. He only Xiao Zhi, that makes Huang Xiong headache.” Dai Rui Qin holding her waist and walking inside the room.

“Does he is someone that easy to deal with? If he really easy to deal with, on the earlier you should have make him to be your husband, then my position won’t be at danger like now” Third Prince coldly said.

Dui Rui Qin expression changed, gritting her teeth, “Naturally, I hope Huang Xiong is doing fine, you and I are people whom getting in same boat, that’s why I especially come here to remind Huang Xiong, nobody is perfect, Xiao Zhi is also human-being, naturally, he has the weakness.

“Oh? What is his weakness?” the Third Prince is getting interest.

“Woman.” Once she asked someone to investigate the general residence secretly and hearing the information, she is impatience to suppress her hatred. Xiao Zhi unexpectedly falling in love with maid, simple says this is kind irony for her.

“Hahaha!” the Third Prince once heard it, he couldn’t hold his laugh, “In this world, everyone know that Xiao Zhi doesn’t like women, but you even told me that his weakness is woman?”

“Believe or not it up to you, I only could tell you that Xiao Zhi dotting one girl, if you can capture that girl, you have possibility to control him.” Dui Rui Qin coldly said.

The Third Prince muttered for while, “Alright, you are my Huang Mei who is sharing same mother, I believe on you.”

“But my information is not free.” Dui Rui Qin sneered, giving a glanced at Third Prince.

Third Prince is very understand in his mind, his own sister since young is so good at scheme, he knows, “As long as Xiao Zhi able be controlled, naturally, his life will be spared and given to Huang Mei” as abolished Xiao Zhi martial art, or makes him half life half death, it is not within his guarantee.

“Third Huang Xiong understand is fine.” Dui Rui Qin showed brilliant ray, “About that girl, once Huang Xiong able to control Xiao Zhi, solve it together.”

“It’s naturally.”

Both of them looking at each other eyes, their expression as if laughing inside, one wants to solve the current hardship, the other one wants to make use someone to kill someone else. Each of them has their own idea, scheming others.

The soldiers, in the Cong Zhou are one of the normal scenes, but the neat line of army is so rare to see.

Thousands of troops neatly lined up in two. Escorted a horse carriage and walked toward the center of Cong Zhou central city. The people of Cong Zhou didn’t dare to look around, even the one with experienced, after saw the soldiers dressed, someone said: “This is Xiao General army forces ah~, Didn’t the Xiao General should be in the outside of Cong Zhou to wipe out the rebellion bandits? Now, entering the city, did he have completely wiped out all the bandits?”

Many argumentations spreading. Many of people are guessing about Cong Zhou future after the war will be. But these kind of conversation only being whispered and no one would dare to talk facing this kind of military force.

The carriage stopped at the front of Zhi’s government repository main door, that old Zhi officer has been waiting with his family to welcome the general at the main door.

Xiao general is known as someone moody, famous as someone capricious even in the court and the commonalty, he only hoping during this period of suppressing the rebellion, don’t make anything that would offend the big general.

Once seeing the carriage, Zhi officer busying welcome, “This lowly…”

“Don’t need too much courtesy, avoid to make a noise for her.” He suppressed his voice to very low, seems to be like dreaming, there is trace of unspeakable gentleness.

Zhi officer absentminded for moment, this voice… is it the cold general speak out? And to the extend, who is the person that he referred as “she” ?


  1. pricess · November 3, 2014

    xiao general~~~take care Zhu Yu..argh..now the political war time?i ust hope everything will be ok for the couple..heehee…but must be shock for everyone…thank you for this update…

    • azurro4cielo · November 3, 2014

      the next chapter will be more thriller, hehehehehehe

  2. inno · November 3, 2014

    ohh.. i so envy chu zhu yu for gaining the general’s love and devotion for a lifetime. what a lucky girl! now her closeness to the general will be used to harm him by the scheming enemies. can’t wait to see how the general will protect his lady love. thanks for this update.

  3. midoriha · November 4

    Ah, politics, politics…! Oh no, zhu yu’s in danger!

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