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C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 15.2

Chapter 15 Troops to Cong Zhou

Part 2 (Two)


“Liu military officer.” Xiao Zhi spoke with lower voice from inside the carriage.

“I am here.” Liu military officer who stood next to the carriage also answered with lower voice.

“ If there is a uproar nearby, killed without remit.”


Zhi officer is shivering, This Xiao general as expected is someone heartless.

The curtain of the horse carriage slowly raise, that elegant silhouette finally appear in front of people. The pitch black of hair is using the jade hair pin, the bright and clean fair skin, but give a sense of grave and stern, deep eyes, a straight high nose, the thin lips slightly raised give an expression of less cold person and more humanity.

In his arm, he is hugging someone, while that exquisite pretty face is showing a dotting expression, a face show dotting to the person in his arm.

Zhi officer suddenly feel his foot became impractical. This person… is he Xiao general?

While the person who is in general arm, because the face is facing general bosom so, only the hair and the posture that seen by people.

“Lead the way.” Xiao Zhi glanced at the Zhi officer who is dumbfounded standing beside him.

“Yes, yes.” Zhi officer answered with same lower voice, even he didn’t have chance to introduce his family member. The person who is guided Xiao Zhi to the mansion house, is specially employed because of Xiao Zhi for the vacated courtyard.

“Xiao General, this is the place for you to rest, if there is something dissatisfied, please inform this lowly.”

“Ng.” Xiao Zhi calmly answered.

The person who is in his arm safely lying in the bed, the person is moving, opened the teary eyes, using the wake up voice said : has arrive to Cong Zhou?”

“Arrived. If you want to sleep just sleep little bit.” Xiao Zhi said even he could see that she hasn’t fully awake.

“Oh… fine.” Chu Zhu Yu yawning, and continue close her eyes, “ if she known earlier yesterday, she would not read that Buddhist script, causing she slept so late.”

Xiao Zhi carefully put down Chu Zhu Yu on bed, he even takes the blanket cover her body.

While the Zhi officer who standing near him, his body stiffens.

Since the day she arrived at Cong Zhou, outside the war is keep on going, while she just staying at inside the mansion brewing tea. Or watching the opera inside the mansion with the Zhi officer’s wives, the concubine and those gretting teeth maids.

Of course, she wants to get out from the mansion but even the outside situation is come to stable, no one dares to agree her begging. Zhi officer afraid to agree, Liu military officer can’t agree, while the general, Xiao Zhi is using the beauty scheme toward her, kissing her till she forget to beg her wish.

His kissed, she couldn’t refuse, because it is love. Even her face turned red, even when he kissed her, her heart beating and jumping faster, but she doesn’t refuse.

She likes the way he kissed her, never stopping called her name, likes how he looked when he sleeping and hugging her, his expression, like his satisfaction expression after drinking the tea that she brew for him, all those things just makes her feel, she is the one very special in his heart…

Of course, being someone so special also has the bad side, the bad side is…

“Lady Chu, I… I haven’t go out from the residence to meet my family within this two months, don’t know Lady could help me asking half day permission, let me to visit my family.” One of the servant in Zhi’s residence who is asking to served Xiao Zhi, kneeling on ground asking for her help.

“Hm.. let me give a try.” Chu Zhu Yu agreed.

“Thank you very much lady Chu.” That servant retreated.

Few moments…

“Lady Chu, Wang Er that person who sweeping the floor today, accidentally stepped general clothes which put in chair.” Someone made a report.

“That… just washing the clothes is fine.” Who is Wang Er? She doesn’t have any impression of that person.

“Even this Wang Er is careless person, but he has good character kind and honest, hoping Lady Chu puts a several good word, begging for Wang Er life!” that person act as minding his own business, the eyes expression seems old but his eyes is clear.

Life?! “only make the clothes dirty, life would gone?” She almost spat her saliva.

“That because it is general clothes.”

“I will speak to the general, won’t let Wang Er losing his life.” She is sweating.

“Thank you so much, Lady Chu.”

Another moment passed

“Lady Chu! Lady Chu!” someone shouting, Lao Yuan turned back. Chu Zhu Yu gets a headache, putting the tea leaves that she observing, raised up her body and walking to the front of room door.

Indeed, a fat figure who was run out the breath, running all the way, Chu Zhu Yu knew the person, she is the mansion Li Mo Mo (elderly maid).

“Lady Chu! Please go with me!” once Li Mo Mo saw Chu Zhu Yu, without any explanation, She pulled her.

“Go? Go to where?” she strangely.

“Go to rescue someone.”

Hag? Help someone? “Are you sure I can help?”

“Sure, very sure, if it is you then it can be helped.” Li Mo Mo pulling Chu Zhu Yu while speaking, “Our young master didn’t listen to the General commanded, he took the army with him to chase the bandits by himself, now he was captured, Master begging the general helped but the general wasn’t agreed.”

“This is the army matter, I don’t understand.”

“You don’t understand it doesn’t matter, as long as you begging to the general for military force, rescuing the Young Master, it will do!” Li Mo Mo said with sad and dreary, “Young Master is the only son of the Master, Master just begging to keep the young master life safe, continuing to be able for praying the ancestors, about after rescuing somewhat he will get punish, all just according to General wish.

“But, If I going will I can rescue him?” Chu Zhu Yu doubted. Coming to Cong Zhou, The Zhi’s family is treating her good.

“Can. The general will only hear Lady Chu words the most. Now the Master and the Mistresses are at loss what to do so they just expecting your help.”

Listened? Chu Zhu Yu eyes glancing through to see Xiao Zhi face expression. Fine, she admitted, most of time, he really listened to hers.

That two person impatience walking, absolutely unaware of danger in that road, being followed.

Only walking out from courtyard, Chu Zhu Yu heard “dong” sound, Li Mo Mo that fatty body has lying on the ground already.

“Li Mo Mo” She screamed in fear, seeing a person with black robe, covering the face standing in front of her.

“Are you that woman that Xiao Zhi cares?” the person asked.

“If I am not, will you believe on me?” she trying to look around for help. But suddenly realizing that the guards who guarding the residence are lying on the ground.

“Of course not.” The person in black said. “I only listened to the command of my Master, for bringing you back.”

“Who is your Master?”

“That should see, whether you still alive or not!” the person in black robe, hands out knife and forcing Chu Zhu Yu to follow.

She felt in front, her eyes dark, all her body weak and faint. The last things in her mind, if she earlier knows, that time, she should learn one or two martial art movement from Xiao Zhi for escaping, even she can’t win but at least can escape.


8 thoughts on “C-Novel : General Wants to Hug and Sleep (将军抱抱要睡觉) 15.2

  1. oh Zhu Yu in dangerous…our general will go crazy..arghhh..thank you for i getting thrilled for next part..

    1. Yes.
      Xiao zhi will go crazy and his killing aura increasing to doubles.
      Rather than worry Zhu Yu, I think Third Prince is the one who really need to worry about.

  2. oh the trials of chu zhu yu has just started… i LOLed on this part “… Xiao Zhi is using the beauty scheme toward her, kissing her till she forget to beg her wish.” haha.. chu zhu yu is kissed to oblivion by the general. so sweeeeeeet!

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